Workcation From Your Rented Yacht

Workcation From Your Rented Yacht.

Workcation From Your Rented Yacht

You booked a sailing charter for the summer holiday with the family but. You are worried if there is no one to manage your workload and worrying about turning to a huge backlog. Well, no worries!  You can opt for a workcation from your rented yacht. so that you can work and travel without sacrificing either. 

Taking a vacation is your chance to unplug entirely, and working remotely could be the answer, but remember it is not easy. Here are some things to consider to help you decide whether you can combine work and play easily on your sailing holiday. 


Plan ahead to fully enjoy your sailing holiday in Playa del Carmen Boat Tours, we recommend that you should plan ahead of time and get things done before you go on vacation. Ensure that you don’t have any backlogs, and you meet all the deadlines. Also, don’t forget to plan your sailing itinerary as well, so that on the days you are very in need of connectivity, you will be somewhere where it’s guaranteed.

Don’t forget your work essentials

It would be best if you did not forget to bring your work essentials. These days there are loads of devices that make life more convenient and working remotely on a sailing holiday is indeed possible. You should have a fast laptop, noise-cancelling headphones for the conference or client calls, and chargers.

Internet Connectivity

Work and sail away. This is possible if you have a stable internet connection, whether through Wi-Fi or Data. You can ask your boat company about the WIFI connectivity in the area. But some boat rentals in Playa Del Carmen provide 3G Wi-Fi onboard, so check with your boat company when you book your boat in Playa del Carmen.

Meeting people and networking opportunities.

When you are on a sailing vacation, there is a possibility of meeting new people and networking opportunities. Meeting fellow sailing enthusiasts could pave the way for new collaborations and business opportunities.

Remember, don’t forget to unplug and enjoy the moment beneath the sails.

Are you ready to work with play? Then Playa del Carmen would be a perfect destination for your next sailing holiday. You can check Playa del carmen boat rentals to choose the best boat for the whole family.



How to Enjoy Your Sailing Holiday When it Rains

How to Enjoy Your Sailing Holiday When it Rains

Who wants drizzly weather during your sailing holiday? No one, of course. In Playa Del Carmen rainy season in central and southern Mexico lasts roughly from May or June through October or November. So, it is quite gloomy when the view is not what was in the brochure, and the rain is whamming down, but no worries. Here are a few ideas on How to Enjoy Your Sailing Holiday When it Rains with your friends and your crew on those drizzly days.

Sailing in the Rain

You can go sailing when it rains. It could be an exciting experience, but remember that there be will be low visibility. Expect rough water and might build up into a hurricane, so you might as well hire an experienced skipper, you can check it with your boat company in Playa del Carmen boat tours.

How to Enjoy Your Sailing Holiday When it Rains

Take a Nap Onboard

True! There’s nothing better than the sound of the rain on the deck that will lull you into a restful sleep. Well, it is your chance to catch some z’s.


It’s always a good idea to have some movies with you just in case you cannot enjoy the water. If you want to make your movie day or night better, pair the right flick with one of your favourite snacks to enhance the entire experience.

Explore the Harbour

When you cannot do water activities because of the gloomy weather, one way to enjoy is to explore the harbour. Check if there are museums or art galleries, visit little shops and local taverns where you can taste the local alcohol.

Read a Book

Rainy days are the best to curl up and relax. Find a pleasant reading nook in the yacht and wrapped in a cosy blanket and sip a cup of hot chocolate and read a good book when it is raining outside.

Plan some Games

Board games or a pack of cards is easy to pack and are great ways to kill the boredom when you are unable to plunge into the water. Get your crew together for a game and enjoy the rain.



Catch the Sunset With Our Boat Rentals

Want to catch the sunset? Playa Yachting offers a wide range of boat rentals, yacht cruises, and charters to enjoy a sunset tour on surrounding islands in Playa Del Carmen.

When imagining a sunset cruise, most people think the setting of the sun. However, we don’t only allow you to see the spectacular colors of the sunset, but it also serves as form a picturesque backdrop for a romantic cruise or a party.

Playa Boat Tours Sunset

Charter a Yacht for a Romantic Experience Aboard in Playa Del Carmen

Sailing is one of the most romantic memories you can make with someone, especially if it is a private cruise.

Imagine yourself with your loved one, together, sitting on the ship’s deck watching at Playa Del Carmen’s coastline, appreciating a fresh, refreshing, tropical drink. Isn’t it delightful?

It is a perfect chance to embrace and share a private moment with your loved one.

Renting a boat is ideal for couples, newlyweds, double dates, and even anniversaries, with our range of Playa Del Carmen boat rentals equipped with a bar, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms, and a room for celebration or for some quality time.

Playa Boat Tours Sunset

Experience the sunset cruise 

Booking our services means booking quality time, and it is for you to decide how to savor it.

With the boat rentals in Playa Del Carmen, we can take you to the most astounding destinations for you to snorkel, dive, or bask under the sun, tanning and enjoy refreshing drinks.

Our Playa del Carmen boat rental services can be rented for a few hours up to a whole day, for a private gathering or a small party.

Book our Boat Rentals in Playa Del Carmen. Why?

  • To see the spectacular color of sunsets
  • To get away from the crowd.
  • To relax in privacy.There is no better way of seeing the sunset in Playa Del Carmen than from the boat. With you and your favorite drinks like beer or whatever tickles your fancy.

The key to our service is customization. We are here to tailor your holiday in Playa Del Carmen to whatever you fancies.

It’s easy to book a private boat rental in Playa Del Carmen. We specialize in private boat tours for small and big groups. What are you waiting for? Book your sunset adventure now!

Reasons Why You Should Rent For That Ultimate Cruise

Are you planning for that ultimate getaway? There are several holiday choices that choosing the best one becomes difficult. If it’s the summer or sunny season, the ideal destination would be on the beach. But why not take your vacation on a whole new level? Ever consider renting a boat for your trip? Reasons Why You Should Rent For That Ultimate Cruise

Why rent a boat?

Unlike other holiday getaways, booking with Playa Del Carmen Boat Rental can give you that exclusive, fun-filled day in the sea. This trip is open for both small and large groups with the option of getting a shared or private package. Guests can request and customize their trip according to their preference — whether they want parties on the boat, swim with turtles, or simply relax in the sunset with their favourite cocktail drink. 

Playa Yachting Yachts and Boats

Different boat types

At Playa Del Carmen Boat Rental, they have an extensive list of boat options for that varying needs of your celebration. 

  • Luxury Catamaran. It’s a 36-foot boat for optimal sailing experience for groups of 15 people max.
  • Four Winns Yacht. This is a 38-foot luxury boat that can cater to smaller groups and intimate gatherings.
  • Sea Ray Consentida Yacht. It’s a 42-foot boat which is a popular boat choice for sportfishing.
  • Azimut Luxury Yacht. This 48-foot boat can accommodate up to 23 guests and is ideal for snorkelling and swimming activities.
  • Piratas Yacht. It’s a 58-foot luxury boat that can carry up to 46 people and is equipped with an excellent sound system. It’s the perfect boat choice for parties and karaoke.
  • Viva la Vida. This 80-foot yacht has the most number of guests it can carry, and it’s mostly booked for big occasions such as weddings and reunions.

Activities for an all-out fun

Now that there is an overview of what boat types guests get to choose, here are the different activities they can enjoy once booking a trip at Playa Del Carmen Boat Rental:

Booze cruise

Enjoy all afternoon and night of booze and partying with amazing beats from guest DJs.


Catch a deep-sea fishing trip and get a chance of eating fresh ceviche on board.

Reasons Why You Should Rent For That Ultimate Cruise


Get a glimpse of the life under the sea as Playa Del Carmen Boat Rental has all the equipment for a quality snorkelling experience.

Sunset cruise 

Bask in the glorious moment of a sunset as you take a sip of your favourite drink.

Dinner or luxury cruise

What better way to end a trip but with a romantic dinner at a luxurious boat with the person most special to you.

What to do now

rIf you have figured out what kind of a yacht rental playa del carmen you want for the holidays, then there is no need to wait. Contact the fantastic team at Playa Del Carmen Boat Rental and get ready for the most memorable sailing experience of your life.