Are your tours, yachts and boats safe?

Safety is our main priority. We do our best to maintain a safe and secure enviroment with our certified crew and captains. Nevertheless, we understand  that due to the alcohol provided in the tours we have to be extra careful so we do ask every guest to be responsible for their safety and that of others. We ask everyone to agree to certain rules and sign a safety and waiver agreement before boarding any boat.

Are there life jackets available?

We provide you with life jackets for everyone and snorkelling equipment and we enforce the usage of it specially during snorkelling.  

Do you have vegetarian, vegan and or gluten free options available ?

When reserving your tour please let us if you or any of your guests have any dietary restrictions and we will be happy to accommodate!

Is deposit refundable?

The deposit is a non-refundable deposit unless the tour is cancelled due to severe weather conditions. We will do our best reschedule weather related cancellations otherwise we guarentee 100% of your money back.

Please check out cancellation policy for more information.

Can I wait until i get to Playa del Carmen to reserve a tour?

Yes. However, we do recommend to reserve in advance to secure availability of a certain yacht or package. It is easier for us to accomodate a reservation that is made with ample time than a last minute one.

If we don’t need transportation how do we get to our boat?

We organize the transportation for your group to make the tour easier and more organized. However, if you do not need transportation we will send detailed directions and a map gain access to your reserved boat after the reservation has been made.

Can you provide private transportation ?

Yes. We are able to provide private transportation for an additional cost. In addition, we can offer you transportation for any other activity or visit outside our yachting experience.

What should I bring?

Sunscreen, towels, sea sick medice (if you are prone to sea sickness) and a positive attitude.

Is gratuity included for the tour guide?

Gratuity is NOT included in the price. We leave that up to your discretion.

Can we bring our personal alcohol on board?

Yes. Most of our prices are set with different open bar options but you are welcome to bring your liquor of preference.

What happens if we are running late?

If you are running late to your yachting experience in playa del carmen please let us now. We encourage you to arrive 15 to 30 mins earlier than the scheduled time to make sure you take advantage of the full experience. Keep in mind that time will be deducted from the total tour if you arrive late since we will likely have others tours before and after yours.

If i get sea sick what would you recommend?

We pick and try to go in less wavy areas to avoid anyone getting sick and we have different locations to visit that have calmer water. In the case you are feeling sick we do have sea sick medice such as Dramamine. We recommend to come prepared with proper medice just in case. Its highly recommended to only take one pill if any and not drink to much since the combination can get you sick as well.

Can we bring kids and children on board?

Yes. Just note that you have to be fully responsible for your kids and must keep watch of them at all times. Again, safety is our number one priority so we ask you to be extremely vigilant of the safety of your children if they are coming onboard. 

Can I bring inflatable floaters ?

Yes. We have had people bring inflatable animals to cruise on the ocean in the calmer waters where we stop to swim. We recommend you bring a pump to inflate floater since trying to inflate them by mouth can leave people feeling dizzy and tired.

Do you offer other services besides Yachts?

Yes. We offer luxury accomodations, premium bar crawls, transportation and other services. Please inquire through our vacation inquiry form or by emailing us at