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Is Playa del Carmen Safe? What not to do in Playa del Carmen

Is Playa del Carmen Safe?

Is Playa del Carmen Safe? you might be asking your self.  In comparison to all of the traveling destinations around the world, Playa del Carmen is pretty safe to travel to.  The regular pickpocket crimes, getting overcharged in some places if you don’t pay attention, and the nightlife scene. With the regular things of what not to do in Playa del Carmen to avoid some those situations and keep safe.

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If you do not do this thing in Playa del Carmen, it will help you to keep your safety and away from danger

  1. When going out on the streets, always keep your wallet, money, and valuable things in the hotel or on your front pockets.  Where you can constantly feel them while in crowded places.
  2. Do not set anything on tables while, drinking, eating, or relaxing.  Like in any other destination, it’s easy to grab something from the table and make a run for it.
  3. Common thing, that you probably thought about it too, Do not leave things unattended or with someone.
  4. Try to avoid places like strip clubs, since its common to get ripped off on prices and amount of drinks.  If you still want to go.  Just always pay upfront for anything you order to avoid this situation.
  5. Always ask the prices of things before purchasing.
  6. Try book most of your tours online to avoid the hotels to overcharge you while they have you there.  Usually, salespeople at the hotels are really good at increasing the prices of different products since you have nowhere else to go to book any tours.   Keep in mind that most of the resort’s main mission is to keep you in the house, and sell you everything there. Also, the sale points on the streets have their own prices and the possibility of paying to much for tours is very common.  Booking online, not only will protect you from this but also gives you more options on availability for some products like private yacht rentals.
  7. I guess we don’t have to say it since you probably already know,  avoid purchasing or looking for illegal substances!
  8. Ask taxis the price to where you need to be taken before jumping in one, to make sure they don’t overcharge you.  Some times it might better to get a private transportation service

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Playa del Carmen tourism

Playa del Carmen has larger tourism, visiting each year.  As most services like boat rental Playa del Carmen, want you to keep coming back and value our clients.  We strive to give the best possible service, but like in any other tourist destination, you will find companies and salespeople who don’t see the same concept and want to make the most in every sale.   That is why our staff and crew will make you feel like family.

Is the Riviera Maya Safe in general?

The situation in the Riviera is very similar to the situation in Playa del Carmen with the exceptions of some more quiet places than others.  But all of the Riviera Maya is pretty safe,  like mention above a matter of avoiding doing some things will keep you even safer.

Is Cancun safer than playa del carmen ?

Cancun, being a bigger city with more partying, can be a bit more dangerous in some way than Playa del Carmen. Nothing rare on this, since all larger cities seem to have regular crimes than smaller ones.

Is Cancun safe? 

Cancun has been a large destination for spring breakers, looking to party and have fun.  It can lead to more risk of putting your self in danger.  From getting drunk and putting your health, safety, and others in danger in regular activities to getting pickpocket with larger crowded places.

What no to do in Cancun

  1. Try to book transportation from the airport online and in advance if you can, since a lot of taxis will try to overcharge when you arrive.
  2. The already obvious, keep your valuables at the hotel and or front pockets. Purses tight to your body where you can feel if someone is trying to open it or cut the handles.
  3. Do know to leave things unattended or with someone.
  4. Avoid buying or looking for illegal substances.
  5. Always have someone with you that you can trust.
  6. Avoid getting too drunk.
  7. Book your activities online to avoid overcharges.
  8. Again ask taxi drivers their price, so you don’t get overcharged.

How To Spend Your Day in Playa del Carmen

The Riviera Maya is a safe place with all of its destinations like Cancun, Playa del Carmen.  Following what not to do above, you will find your self even safer and relax.  Enjoying your vacation even more.