Sailing Croatia

Sailing in Croatia is an amazing experience from the beautiful scenery, warm culture, ruins and infamous events like Yacht Week.  The country is truly a paradise that is becoming more and more well-known.

If you are looking for an affordable place with lots of cultures to experience, and amazing sailing life then Croatia is the place.  A unique place for sailing and yachting and where one of the biggest yachting events takes place such as yacht week Croatia. You can read more about boat rentals and Yacht Charters in Croatia down below as well as the best cities to sail to and tips for exploring this amazing country.


Yacht Charter Croatia

Yacht charters in Croatia offer the very best package you can ever think of! The country has a lot of sunshine, smooth seas, many different places to visit, from small islands to bigger touristy cities.

There are plenty of yachts to rent, plus the warm hospitality and the reasonable prices make it a premium tourist destination! Check out more info about yacht charter in Croatia down below!

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Sailing Croatia

Croatia Yachting vs Sailing

Sailing or Yachting?  if you want to see and fully enjoy the islands of Croatia, sailing is a great option especially if you have time.  Yachting in Croatia is more for reaching longer distances and even though Croatia yachts have more outdoor space. We recommend sailing the islands, the best way of cruising from island to island and anchoring to see all that each island has to offer.

Rent a boat Croatia

Rent a boat in Croatia and don’t miss out the best way of living your holidays in these great islands, the islands that form this amazing country.  Trust our professional crews who know all the best spots to snorkel, swim, site seeing and visit. Because renting a boat here will create memories that will last a lifetime.  You will not want to leave, this place will wrap you in its beauty making it hard to go back home.

Boat Charter Croatia

An amazing city to explore by boat in Croatia is Split. There is so much to see from its traditional culture and old scenery with a great history. Other amazing cities include Trogir, Lastovo, Vis and Brac or ven Zadar and Kornati National Park.

Plus, there are 147 amazing islands to discover with so much to offer f. Whether it is snorkelling or swimming with turtles, these islands are just magical. So if you decide to charter a yacht in Croatia, make sure you visit these beautiful destinations.

Charting a boat in Croatia is the best way to explore and live its beauty. Whether it’s a family trip, bachelor or bachelorette party trips, birthday or other celebrations, or just fishing, whatever the reason you’ll fall in love with this place!

3 Quick Tips to rent a boat in Croatia

Here are important things to consider when you want to charter a boat in Croatia, especially during the yacht week Croatia

  1. If you are on a short vacation the best thing to do or recommend is to go from  Split to Dubrovnik and vice versa.
  2. If you time is more than 2 weeks you can go from Zadar to Kotor next to Montenegro, cruising south and enjoying 2 full weeks of beautiful scenery in the islands.
  3. The best time and season for yachting and sailing in Croatia is from May – October.


7 Reasons to Visit Croatia

Chartering a yacht in Croatia and or just visiting the country is a once in a lifetime experience. It is perfect if you love travelling, nature and love meeting new people and learning about cool cultures.  Here are some of the reasons why you need to visit  Croatia vs other destinations.

  1. It is affordable
  2. Sailing and yachting are very affordable as well
  3. It is rich in culture and history
  4. Has amazing and affordable food
  5. Amazing scenery
  6. Beautiful and friendly/hospitable people
  7. Yacht Week (read below for more on this)

Yacht Week 

Mere words could not perfectly sum up what yacht week Croatia is all about, but we will try. Have you experienced an all-out vibrant seven-day celebration out at sea? Discover Croatia’s hidden beauty when you have the opportunity to book a tailored yacht week route created just for you. Check out our article on Yacht week HERE that covers exactly how it works, when it happens, where, and what the event it is.

Croatia Sailing Trips and Tours

Sailing Croatia special offers and more.  You can be sailing Dubrovnik and all of the other islands in Croatia with amazing discounts and specials.  Contact us on the form above for a quick inquiry. Below you’ll find information about each city that is top class for sailing and yachting in this beautiful country.

The 9 Best Cities to Sail in Croatia

Split, Croatia

Split Croatia Playa Yachting

Split, Croatia

The city of Split is usually the first destination for chartered yachts. Built around a Roman Palace, Ancient Diocletian’s Palace, as the main attraction. You can definitely explore the beautiful city to your heart’s content. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, this important landmark has a thriving community of residences and shops within its ancient walls.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia Playa Yachting

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The City of Dubrovnik is truly the most famous historical site in Croatia. Rich in history and splendid fortresses, this is enough to surely lure the tourists to stay as long as possible. Fun fact, ‘Game of Thrones’ has been filmed in Dubrovnik. This will be the reason why in the next few years, the city will be even more popular than before! So schedule a visit now.

Supetar, Croatia

Supetar, Croatia Playa Yachting

Supetar, Croatia

Come to Supetar to try Croatia’s authentic cuisine! This location boasts of restaurants lined up just waiting for you, what’s amazing is this town only has about 3,000 locals. So it ultimately feels like you have the town all to yourself!

Vis, Croatia

Vis, Croatia Playa Yachting

Are you a World War II enthusiast? Then you would know Vis was once an important military outpost during that time. Known as the “Forbidden Island”, Vis was off limits to tourists until 1992. Check out the exciting military history in this town when you do get a visit!

Komiza, Croatia

Komiza, Croatia Playa Yachting

Komiza is also located on the island of Vis, and is popular for its magnificent mountain ranges! Not only that, Komiza is a part of the smaller island that’s a haven for spelunkers for its ever-popular Blue Caves!

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia Playa Yachting

Are you obsessed with the aroma of lavender? Then make Hvar one of your next destination! Known as one of Croatia’s more sunny spots you’ll never run out of beaches, lavender fields, and lush vineyards. It also features a gorgeous city centre, complete with Gothic palaces and marble-paved stone streets.

Starigrad, Croatia

Starigrad, Croatia Playa Yachting

Literally, the name of the town translates to “Old Town”, Stari Grad must not let it fool you! Popular for its colourful nightlife scene, it is also a notable and popular destination for the rich and famous!

Bobovisca, Croatia

Bobovisca, Croatia Playa Yachting

This hidden gem is one beautiful island, it also has the highest peak in all the islands. Famous for the beach Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape or Golden Horn) and its pine-covered valleys. Would you believe that this destination has fewer than a hundred people to inhabit it? You’ll definitely feel like a real travelling nomad when you book for a visit.

Pula, Croatia

Pula, Croatia Playa Yachting

Pula where you can see the Amphitheatre built in its authentic Roman amphitheatre style. While you’re there you can visit the Arch of Sergii, Temple of Augustus, Archaeology Museum and lastly Pula Aquarium.

In Croatia, you can never get enough of the amazing scenery, historic destinations, charming little towns or villages, and amazing architecture! Book a curated yacht tour now so you could also experience the magic that Croatia has to offer.