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Party Booze Cruises

Party Booze Cruises  ?








Life is beautiful, and we want to enjoy it!

When it comes to throwing a party you have to go big in Playa del Carmen!

With trendy nightclubs and hot spots all around town, it’s hard to compete when trying to find a venue for your killer event. But if you can’t find somewhere to throw your party on land, take it to the sea…

Playa del Carmen provide a great escape when you are traveling to the sunshine state. It is way more private, making it the best option if you want to spend time with close friends, family or that special person.

Be the original one in your group of friends and take the party to the next level on a party boat ride.  It is perfect for parties, weddings or social gatherings, promising each guest a unique and totally new cruising experience IN STYLE!

Because Yachting and Sailing is not just an activity but a Lifestyle in the Riviera Maya

Tane the Mexican Caribbean sea on a Catamaran or Yacht and make it the highlight of your group’s trip here with our turquoise color ocean, amazing sea life, great sun for tanning and a cocktail on each hand there is no better way to start or finish your vacation in this great place

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