Weddings Playa del Carmen on a Boat

Weddings Playa del Carmen on the water may be the most intimate and romantic experience you could have.  Also we understand that your wedding is an incredibly special day for you; therefore our team’s only purpose is to ensure that you experience the most perfect event for you and your guests.

Stress Free Wedding Planning

So stop stressing over details and give your wedding planning chores to our recommended wedding planners.  We could incorporate your ideas to generate a more personalized one-of- a-kind event.  Perfectly tailored to your taste, or you can choose from our large choice of wedding yacht packages.  These packages vary from simple, casual events to a more elegant and exotic experience.  We have something for all weddings in the Riviera Maya area.


Wedding Ornaments and Decorations

We work with a well established network of florists, decorators, and entertainers that make it possible to provide you a one stop-shop to creating the perfect wedding reception. So imagine the perfect wedding on a luxury yacht deck in front of the breathtaking backdrop, lit by a bright sunset, or surrounded by the calm peaceful beauty of the sea. Therefor leave Playa Yachting with the planning and enjoy a unforgettable wedding on one of our luxury yachts and live the wedding of your dreams!

Nautical Wedding On Our Yachts

Your complete nautical wedding in our yachts with

Weddings Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen Wedding on a Yacht

  • Wedding coordinator
  • Wedding officiant ( not legal)
  • Brides Boutique
  • Grooms Boutonniere
  • Ceremony Speaker



That is why we have a recommended list of high quality wedding planners.  Because it is your special day and it is our mission to make it special.   So Contact us for more details and let us take your wedding in the Riviera Maya on a sailing or yachting experience!

So book your Nautical Wedding on any of our Yachts and have a more memorable and adventures memory!

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