Cooking Tips on Your Charter Yacht

Cooking Tips on Your Charter Yacht

Cooking Tips on Your Charter Yacht. The benefits of renting a yacht in Playa Del Carmen is that you can cook your favourites on board, and eat whenever you want with the best views the world has to offer.

Cooking Tips on Your Charter Yacht

So, if you plan to charter a yacht, spend as much time as you can at open sea, and cook on a boat? Don’t miss the tips below.

  • Familiarize the kitchen on the boat. 
  • To use the space wisely, bring only the necessary equipment (most boats are already equipped with the needed utensils)
  • Since the prep area is limited, avoid bringing food that requires a lot of chopping.
  • Keep your surface clean, remove any utensils, and other cooking equipment you don’t need, exceptionally sharp knives and related items.
  • Buy perishables in quantities that you can cook before they go rotten since you can get them whenever you are in port. 
  •  Do not forget to buy snacks.
  • Get enough drinks, do not forget to buy enough soda and alcoholic beverages. 

The yachts come equipped with all the kitchen equipment you need, plates, knives, forks, spoons and other standard equipment. But if you are doubtful, it is best to ask the boat company.

If you decide to prepare meals yourself, keep it simple! Since the space is limited in the yacht, you need to plan and organize. Don’t let it take much of your vacation time. Prepare simple dish, like fish, pasta, and canned food. Some sailboats offer a griller, where you can grill a quick, tasty meal!

Also, don’t forget to try the local food. Mexican food has an excellent reputation, and there are countless authentic restaurants for you to enjoy great food at reasonable prices. 

Have a good, tasty time on your sailing holiday in Playa!

We strive to make your sailing vacation as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Contact us for the best yacht rental offer!


Simple Ways To Lessen Your Plastic Usage on a Sailing Holiday

Our ocean is now full of plastic. Yes, we depend on plastic, but we’re drowning in it. It isn’t very easy to think of a product that doesn’t package in it. 

Simple Ways To Lessen your Plastic Usage on a Sailing Holiday

Simple Ways To Lessen Your Plastic Usage on a Sailing Holiday. Nowadays, beach pollution has become a massive problem in most cities now.

Simple Ways To Lessen Your Plastic Usage on a Sailing Holiday. We know that going plastic-free is challenging, but we can do something better, and it starts with lessening the use of single-use plastic. So, if you are planning for a sailing vacation in Playa Del Carmen with your family, get the next generation involved and learn how to take good care of the oceans.

Here are some ways we can help the oceans.

 Skip the straw

Let’s skip the straw because there are many sea creatures like seabirds that eat the straws, and this can be deadly. When ordering drinks, inform the waiter or the crew that you don’t want a straw or any other plastic. Instead, you can use reusable, biodegradable bamboo straws and enjoy sipping your drinks or cocktail on deck at sundown without one.

Get a reusable bottle.

Stop using disposable cups, instead invest in a reusable bottle and fill it up. You can check with your charter company in Playa del Carmen or with locals if the tap water is safe. With this, you can help reduce the use of plastic cups.

Use eco-bag or Reusable shopping bags

When packing for sailing in Playa del Carmen, don’t forget to take some reusable shopping bags with you to avoid using plastic bags when buying supplies in the port. 

Light a match

Use match instead of using plastic disposable lighters. They are a scourge of the sea and birdlife because they are mistaken for fish, and many a bird has died with a belly full of plastic lighters.

Help clean the ocean

Perhaps when you are sailing in Playa, you will stop off at a quiet cove. So, if you see any plastic in the water or on the beach, pick it up and take it with you.

Use biodegradable sunscreen

Plastic-free personal care products To protect marine life, it is recommended to use biodegradable personal care products. 

Do your part and help save the ocean. Start your next sailing adventure with us. Come aboard with us, and we have a vast range of boat rentals in Playa del Carmen. Feel free to contact us.

Workcation From Your Rented Yacht

Workcation From Your Rented Yacht.

Workcation From Your Rented Yacht

You booked a sailing charter for the summer holiday with the family but. You are worried if there is no one to manage your workload and worrying about turning to a huge backlog. Well, no worries!  You can opt for a workcation from your rented yacht. so that you can work and travel without sacrificing either. 

Taking a vacation is your chance to unplug entirely, and working remotely could be the answer, but remember it is not easy. Here are some things to consider to help you decide whether you can combine work and play easily on your sailing holiday. 


Plan ahead to fully enjoy your sailing holiday in Playa del Carmen Boat Tours, we recommend that you should plan ahead of time and get things done before you go on vacation. Ensure that you don’t have any backlogs, and you meet all the deadlines. Also, don’t forget to plan your sailing itinerary as well, so that on the days you are very in need of connectivity, you will be somewhere where it’s guaranteed.

Don’t forget your work essentials

It would be best if you did not forget to bring your work essentials. These days there are loads of devices that make life more convenient and working remotely on a sailing holiday is indeed possible. You should have a fast laptop, noise-cancelling headphones for the conference or client calls, and chargers.

Internet Connectivity

Work and sail away. This is possible if you have a stable internet connection, whether through Wi-Fi or Data. You can ask your boat company about the WIFI connectivity in the area. But some boat rentals in Playa Del Carmen provide 3G Wi-Fi onboard, so check with your boat company when you book your boat in Playa del Carmen.

Meeting people and networking opportunities.

When you are on a sailing vacation, there is a possibility of meeting new people and networking opportunities. Meeting fellow sailing enthusiasts could pave the way for new collaborations and business opportunities.

Remember, don’t forget to unplug and enjoy the moment beneath the sails.

Are you ready to work with play? Then Playa del Carmen would be a perfect destination for your next sailing holiday. You can check Playa del carmen boat rentals to choose the best boat for the whole family.



How to Enjoy Your Sailing Holiday When it Rains

How to Enjoy Your Sailing Holiday When it Rains

Who wants drizzly weather during your sailing holiday? No one, of course. In Playa Del Carmen rainy season in central and southern Mexico lasts roughly from May or June through October or November. So, it is quite gloomy when the view is not what was in the brochure, and the rain is whamming down, but no worries. Here are a few ideas on How to Enjoy Your Sailing Holiday When it Rains with your friends and your crew on those drizzly days.

Sailing in the Rain

You can go sailing when it rains. It could be an exciting experience, but remember that there be will be low visibility. Expect rough water and might build up into a hurricane, so you might as well hire an experienced skipper, you can check it with your boat company in Playa del Carmen boat tours.

How to Enjoy Your Sailing Holiday When it Rains

Take a Nap Onboard

True! There’s nothing better than the sound of the rain on the deck that will lull you into a restful sleep. Well, it is your chance to catch some z’s.


It’s always a good idea to have some movies with you just in case you cannot enjoy the water. If you want to make your movie day or night better, pair the right flick with one of your favourite snacks to enhance the entire experience.

Explore the Harbour

When you cannot do water activities because of the gloomy weather, one way to enjoy is to explore the harbour. Check if there are museums or art galleries, visit little shops and local taverns where you can taste the local alcohol.

Read a Book

Rainy days are the best to curl up and relax. Find a pleasant reading nook in the yacht and wrapped in a cosy blanket and sip a cup of hot chocolate and read a good book when it is raining outside.

Plan some Games

Board games or a pack of cards is easy to pack and are great ways to kill the boredom when you are unable to plunge into the water. Get your crew together for a game and enjoy the rain.



Tips When Sailing With Children In Playa

Tips When Sailing With Children In Playa. Family holidays are great occasions that can have a significant impact on the child’s mental and emotional development. One way to do that is to charter a yacht and sail between islands, and let them see the beauty of nature.

Sailing with kids is a fun and exciting way to explore the world. If you are thinking about a family sailing vacation, these tips will help make life a little easier on board and help you all to have a wondrous time. 

Renting a boat in Playa Del Carmen and go sailing with friends

Renting a boat in Playa del Carmen and sailing with friends is always the best. A rental boat gives you privacy, and personal space for each family can occupy a separate area, making it an excellent option for sailing with children. 

Catamarans are lovely for family cruising. They are constant in the water, don’t heel over, that can be not very comforting for kids. Also, it offers enough space and the kitchen is at the same level as the cockpit, where kids can go inside or outside, and you can look after them. 

Provide a safety net 

Sailing with kids is great, but make sure they know how to swim. But, to take a precautionary measure, you should talk to the boat rental company in Playa Del Carmen about getting a safety net installed. 

Let your Kids wear life jackets

Kids must wear life jackets if they are outside. You can bring your life jacker or let the boat rental company knows regarding the sizes and age of your kids, so they could prepare and give the correct size on board.

Create safety rules

Create safety rules and ask your kids to understand and stick with it.

If you are renting a yacht in Playa Del Carmen, the captain will give a safety briefing, but to ensure safety don’t forget to remind you kids about the safety rules.

Here are some useful rules to remember:

  • All children must wear life jackets when on deck
  • Running is prohibited on the boat
  • Kids are not allowed on the foredeck while sailing
  • If the weather is too rough, kids must stay inside
  • Always ask permission when leaving the boat.
  • Do not go swimming alone.


Do not forget to bring medicine for seasickness on

your family sailing vacation. When sailing, the kids may well feel nauseous. Also, do not forget to pack your usual medical kit for your family, including all the medicines you need regularly. Here are the basics to include in your luggage:

  • Pain and fever relief
  • Insect repellent 
  • Plasters that stick well in a wet environment
  • Sunscreen

Food and Snacks

If you have rented a crewed yacht, inform the chef in-charge regarding your food will be served. Also, stock the kitchen with treats that you can give to your kids when they are hungry.

sailing with childrenComfortable Clothing

Pack suitable clothing for your kids on a sailing vacation like light cotton clothes, swimwear, water shoes, slippers and sunhats

Activities off the boat

Your rented yacht will have a dinghy which will get you ashore. Stroll around, rent a stand-up paddleboard, going fishing or snorkelling or playing around in the water off the boat. 

Save these tips for sailing with kids! Are you considering a family cruise? For your Playa Del Carmen boat rental needs, you can check out our range of boats.

How To Have The Best Wedding at Sea

The lights go well with the wedding cruise theme. The wedding dress sways just in time with the breeze — the groom smiles. The bride glows.

How To Have The Best Wedding at Sea. Imagine having the ocean breeze, a stunning sunset, and the beautiful cruise atmosphere on your wedding day. Everything goes perfectly. Every person dear to you is there. 

Stop imagining and make your dream wedding come true with Playa Del Carmen Boat Rentals. Being the most popular cruise services in the country, their team makes sure that every moment is memorable. Playa Del Carmen Boat Rentals have comprehensive packages that cater to the varying needs of customers. But before actually jumping into signing that boat rental contract, there are several things you need to consider for your wedding at sea:

Determine your wedding venue and theme

Do you want to celebrate your reception on the cruise or do you have a destination in mind? What will be your wedding theme? Whatever your decision is, you can share those details with reliable cruise services like Playa del Carmen Boat Rentals.

Make your wedding is legal

When you and your partner are planning for your big day, never forget to make it official. That means getting someone who can officiate and make your marriage legal. Consult legal services and inform the person-in-charge ahead of time.

Pick a suitable cruise ship

How many guests are you expecting? In Playa Del Carmen Boat Rentals, they offer cruise ship in different sizes. Whether you opt for a small, intimate group or have the entire clan for the wedding, they have just the boat for you. There are also ships suitable for sunset viewing, which can be a romantic set-up for a wedding cruise.

Inform your guests ahead

Make a list of the people you want at your wedding. Many couples tend to overlook this detail. However, this aspect is vital since determining the final number of guests will affect your budget. So, finalize your guest book and get an RSVP ahead of time. 

Look for wedding packages

wedding ate seaPlaya Del Carmen Boat Rentals offer comprehensive wedding packages that include the actual wedding program to the reception. By choosing a pre-existing set, you can save cost and have more straightforward options.

Make it memorable!

Now that you know the things to consider when having a wedding at sea, take some time to discuss with your partner. If you want to make your wedding the most memorable, it takes proper planning and harmonious decision-making.


Tips for Throwing a Cancun Yacht Birthday Party

Tips for Throwing a Cancun Yacht Birthday Party, The atmosphere is everything—nothing sets the scene like a yacht in the shore of Cancun. But before you decide to have a birthday bash in a yacht, make sure you carefully planned everything to have a blast.

Here are some tips in throwing a birthday party on a yacht.

Create a guest list in advance.

Throwing a birthday party means inviting guests. Especially if it is a private party, you need a guest list and give time to list down with whom you’ll be asked to attend. Also, you must provide them with enough time so that they can plan their schedule as well, to avoid absences from your favourite people after you charter a lovely yacht for your birthday.

Choose a Theme

Renting a yacht rental in Cancun is a description of a theme of itself for a birthday party, so you don’t need one. But if you have an excellent idea to make your party more inviting then pick a theme like:

  • Casino Royale
  • Pirates and Buccaneers
  • Masquerade
  • Nautical 

Don’t Overlook the Music

To make your birthday bash more lively put on some music. Create the best collection of music you will play where your guests will be able to enjoy the music no matter where they are on the  Cancun yacht. An added perks about having a Cancun yacht birthday party on a yacht is that you will enjoy the beautiful scenery while partying.

Don’t Skimp on Supplies

Make sure everything is ready, especially with the supplies needed for the party. It is difficult to go back to the land, once you’re on the water because you ran out of drinks, ice or food. That’s why planning is essential, once you secure your yacht rental and you begin hearing back from guests, you need to plan the menu and how many refreshments will be enough.

Prepare Games

Celebrating a birthday party on a yacht is going to be plenty of fun. To ensure everyone has a great time plan ahead by thinking of games that everyone can play.

 Birthday party or celebrating important events on a yacht is something everyone should experience, especially with how lovely the scenery is around Cancun and, there’s something extraordinary about having your boat for a private party on your birthday. 

Booze Cruise Riviera Maya

Celebrating a birthday or want to make the start of this year special? Playa Yachting is the perfect venue to celebrate your day! Guests will enjoy cruising the beautiful sea of the Caribbean aboard one of the rental yachts. 


Tips When Renting a Yacht in Playa del Carmen

Tips When Renting a Yacht in Playa del Carmen. Are you planning to rent a yacht in Playa Del Carmen? Then you should read this before getting one, so you will have a safe, enjoyable and stress-free trip. Keep in mind these tips to ensure your trip a memorable one.

Tips When Renting a Yacht in Playa del Carmen Tip 1. Ensure that the boat you are renting has a license and permits to operate.

All yachts and Playa del Carmen boat rentals must have their operating license and permits in Playa del Carmen. The marine coast is authorized to inspect boats and yachts in the area to ensure everything is okay. In some cases, a yacht or boat owner does not possess a permit to operate the authority can automatically bring back the passengers to land and stop any tours that they are running.

 Tip 2. Always check the boat rental and the itinerary of your tour package.

Some companies might give you a different boat instead of getting the one you booked. So, ensure that you are getting for the price they are quoting. For instance, in Cancun and Riviera Maya, yacht rentals in Playa Del Carmen are a bit more complicated with all the different options available. But even though Playa Del Carmen has fewer options, still happens sometimes that you will get a different boat that you were assured. 

 Tip 3. Secure a contract of the boat you are renting and the tour package.

Secure a contract from the company regarding the boat you are renting and the details of the tour. It will assure you as well as gives you time to double-check dates, prices, inclusions and exclusions of your tour.

Tip 4. Ask the boat rental company about to bring during

To have an enjoyable tour, better ask the boat rental company so would know what to bring during the tour. It is because not all boat rentals in Playa Del Carmen include all the equipment needed like

  • Snorkelling gear, ask if they have enough snorkelling gear for everyone. 
  • Ask them if they provide towels, but it is recommended to bring one with you.
  • For fishing boat rentals, don’t forget to check if there are providing a live bait or just a rubber bait.

These tips on a boat rental in Playa del Carmen will give you a stress-free and enjoyable tour. For your boat rental needs, Playa Yachting has a good range of boats or yachts.

We are always seeking new Yachts to keep improving our safety, comfort and luxury standards. You will be treated to the best service crew and most luxurious fun yachts and catamarans in Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera!

Message us and book now for your yachting experience.

Yacht Rental Fishing in Playa Del Carmen

Do you like fishing? 

Yacht Rental Fishing in Playa Del Carmen. The same as the cruise yacht, a fishing yacht is intended to be self-sufficient to endure long periods at sea. If you are into fishing, you should know the perfect yacht tailored towards the big game fishing with friends or loved ones.

If you are looking for a yacht in Playa del Carmen for fishing, Playa Yachting offers yacht rental for your fishing needs.

Playa del Carmen is a good spot for fishing adventures for all fishing enthusiasts. With many things to do in Playa del Carmen, yachting or boating is one of the best activities. Mainly if you like fishing, with so many different species of fish to catch in Playa del Carmen.

To make your fishing experience possible, you should get a boat rental or yacht rental and be amazed by what you can catch in the vast ocean. Fishing is a remarkable experience with your friends or family to share a beautiful day out fishing. More importantly, sharing a delicious meal after the hard work of fishing.

The best time to go out for fishing in Playa del Carmen

To get a good catch, it is suggested to go fishing early in the morning, but you can always go later in the day and catch some good fish. Anywhere you go, the Caribbean sea has something for you to fish for boat rental in Playa del Carmen. Consequently, choose the time that it is available to go out on one of our fishing boats. 

Things to ask when renting a fishing boat in Playa del Carmen

  1. Inquire about the sort of bait that will be applied on your fishing trip.
  2. What kind of fishing boat you are getting.
  3. Does it have a working bathroom?
  4. Check if they held all permits in place to go out fishing.

fishing rental playa del carmen

Things to bring during the fishing tour

  1. Bring an Eco-Friendly sunscreen to avoid too much pollution of the ocean.
  2. Wear sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the sun
  3. You can bring extra alcoholic drinks or ask for the boat rental company if it is possible.
  4. Money for tip
  5. Extra clothes

Whether you go fishing in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, you can be sure you will have a memorable fishing adventure. So if you like fishing, check out or fishing boats and yachts in Playa del Carmen.

Enjoy Fishing!

Your Guide for Weddings in Mexico

Your Guide for Weddings in Mexico

Your Guide for Weddings in Mexico

Your Guide for Weddings in Mexico. Destination weddings mean getting married far from home. Still, several couples prefer to have their wedding in Mexico because it isn’t too far.

Mexico is the paradise next-door, with affordable flights available from most major cities in the U.S. 

In this case, it is shorter travel time affordable airfare and vacation getaway for couples and guests in this tropical paradise.

Mexico also reigns when it comes to a romantic destination, each region brimming with newlywed happiness.

One of which is Playa del Carmen, a wedding destination with excellent venues and tours. Especially for couples who are tying the knot.

The beautiful environment, linked with a warm climate and blue skies year-round, has made Playa an excellent wedding destination abroad.

This Guide for Weddings in Mexico will help with the basics

Playa del Carmen, Mexico is full of entertainment, food, and beautiful weather. Most couples are usually amazed by the generosity of the Mexican people. 

The vibrant cultural sites throughout the country as well.  Also at the all-inclusive resorts and affordable wedding packages available at some of the most beautiful venues.

Playa Yachting offers a package to make your wedding an unforgettable one. From moonlight walks on the beach to deep dives in the coral reef with our boat charter in Playa del Carmen.

Here are some of the many reasons why Mexico is an excellent wedding destination.

  • Nearness to the United States, meaning easy (and often direct) travel for couples and guests.
  • Exquisite beach weather and tropical temperatures all year-round
  • Postcard-worthy of incredible ruins and coastline views
  • Mouth-watering cuisine
  • Astounding colonial structure and cultural sites to explore
  • Offers many activities for both you and your guests like yacht rental in Playa Del Carmen for snorkelling and scuba diving.
  • Personalized wedding packages with many and low-cost options

What are the Legal Requirements for Getting Married in Mexico

Before you decide to get married in Mexico, you should know first their legal requirements.

Below are the requirements:

  •  The basics: In Mexico, you must be 18 years of age or older to get married legally. So if you are younger than 18, parental consent is needed.
  •  You need to secure proper documentation like birth certificate, passport, and tourist permit.
  •  It is required and you should arrive a few days before the wedding date to get a chest x-ray and blood test locally.  Which is required for a legal wedding in Mexico.
  •  You need to have four witnesses to stand with you at the ceremony. If you’re planning an elopement wedding, ask with your resort venue or agent if they can provide witnesses for you.
  • For your marriage certificate to be valid, you’ll need to submit a marriage appropriate form to the Foreign Office/State Department. Also if you had a religious ceremony, still, you need to take in civil service for your wedding to be legally recognized.

Planning to tie a knot in Playa del Carmen? Then contact us now to get started!