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“Playa Del Carmen Yacht Boat Tours – Sail with Playa Yachting”

Playa Del Carmen Yacht Boat Tours

Playa Del Carmen Yacht Boat Tours.  Because we know you love yacht and boat tours in Playa del Carmen, especially during the summertime.  Therefore if you are planning to go sailing in the Mayan Riviera this summer this article is for you. Whether you’re a seaside newbie, an avid sailing admirer or even if you just want to witness and look at the beautiful sunset and photograph of some of the world’s most stunning sights:  Then you should be sailing with Playa Yachting! There are a variety of boats ranging from luxury yachts to classic sailing yachts and larger catamarans.  Also you will experience the best yacht, boat and catamaran tours for any special occasion including; your bachelor or bachelorette party, your wedding, birthday party or you simply an adventure for this summer.

Playa Del Carmen Yacht Boat Tours

Sailing in Playa del Carmen

Firstable your destination depends on the tour of your choice. If your are hosting a party and your group likes water activities, snorkeling is the best way to go. Here is a list of the top snorkeling spots in Mayan Riviera:

Playa Del Carmen Yacht Boat Tours

Moche Reef

The marine life here is so rich. You will witness the tropical fishes and the reef that has much to offer. The water is typically quiet and clear, taking into consideration incredible perspectives of the colorful coral.


This is located down the coast from Playa del Carmen.  So this region is a point for freshwater that streams out to the sea underground. The blending of the new and freshwater makes a halocline. Thefore freshwater frames a layer over the denser saltwater. This exceptional mix of waters pulls in schools of fish and regularly goes about as a nursery ward for new fish.


Cenotes are all around the Mayan Riviera and Playa del Carmen area.  Also you can take a look at the underground caves and witness the wonderful stalagmites rock formation and stalactites in this hugely clear water.


This snorkeling spot is an eco-stop with a vast tidal pond perfect for swimming. Therefore your group can snorkel down the beautiful waterway that streams toward the tidal pond and sea.


Also you can enjoy visiting several of these beautiful destinations on one of Play Yachting’s tours.  Therefore you will witness the incredible and breathtaking views.  In conclusion Playa Yachting also wants to make sure that you are comfortable and well accommodated.  So they provide transportation to and from the locations of the vessels. CLICK HERE  to send us an inquiry.