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Water Activities in Playa Del Carmen

Are you looking for a place to unwind with friends? Playa Del Carmen is a great place to destress and enjoy the sea and nature. 

 Water activities on the beach, renting a yacht, tasty food, remarkable resorts, and plenty of fantastic day trips- are some of the reasons why you should visit Playa Del Carmen.

Where Is Playa del Carmen? 

Playa del Carmen is a city located along the Caribbean Sea in the state of Quintana Roo, México. It is a famous tourist destination since it offers a wide range of tourist activities due to its geographic location in the Riviera Maya. 

If you’re going to Playa del Carmen, then include yourself fortunate. Here we round up the best reasons to visit Playa Del Carmen.


 Did you know that the most popular color in the world is blue?

No wonder people flock to the turquoise beaches of Playa Del Carmen. Playa offers cool shades while lounging in the waves. You can rent a yacht or a boat at Playa Del Carmen yacht rental to see the wonders beyond- abundant marine life, colorful coral reefs, and an excellent spot for diving and snorkel in cancun.


Did someone say swimming with whale sharks in Playa del Carmen?

Wait til’ it is the Whale Shark Season! Swimming with these gentle giants is a must-try. The Whale Sharks don’t come to Playa del Carmen, and they are off the coast of an island near Cancun called Isla Mujeres. But you can avail the Whale Shark tour package from Playa del Carmen boat tours, or Tulum, and you have to go via road to Cancun and book a Playa Del Carmen boat rental.


You can enjoy an exhilarating Jet Ski ride. Ski on the continuous waves of the Mexican Caribbean, let a speedboat carries yourself on an inflatable toy. Let the wind drive the sails of a sailboat. Take parasailing to see the fantastic scenery and feel the warm breeze on your skin. Renting a boat or yacht at Playa Del Carmen Yacht rental will make these activities in the sea a memorable one.


Divers will enjoy exploring the magical cenotes, pelagic encounters, and beautiful reefs at Playa del Carmen in the Caribbean Sea. Dive sites are incredibly beautiful and rich in marine life, including MUSA- it is an underwater museum and the world-famous Isla Mujeres.

If you are planning to have some diving in Playa del Carmen, it can be achieved by renting a boat in Playa Del Carmen.

Why do you like to visit Playa Del Carmen? Let us know in the comments below.