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Total Relaxation and Quality Time with Friends and Family ??

May your vacation be filled with relaxing sunsets, cool drinks, and sand between your toes. ☀?

The beauty of the travel  is that there is always something to write and talk about. People want to be invited into our world of wanderlust and to experience travel in a whole new way. Total relaxation and quality time with friends and family. A vacation in the summer months is one of the most cherished experiences we have each year. Hotels can be beautiful, with spacious rooms, great views, and a perfect service. Renting a yacht and sailing the islands of Riviera Maya is something anybody should try at least once in a lifetime.

Going where my heart leads ??

Picture a perfect holiday. Now picture yourself on a yacht, exploring new places, eating great food, drinking amazing wine, sailing some of our islands, and having a new amazing experience at every corner. The first time your body touches the clear blue water will also be an experience to remember. Cool, refreshing touch of the sea water, as it lets you in to the secret underwater world is simply unforgettable!

Taking off is always a special moment. While enjoying a nice bite of the authentic yacht travel snack on board, you’ll gently sail out of the port and into what will soon turn out to be an adventure of a lifetime. It won’t be long until you pass the island, and experience the sea life. The wind filling the sails while you glide on the surface of the Riviera Maya. It’s just indescribable.

The relaxation island ??

You’ll take in history like a sponge, seeing the awesome remains of past cultures, landmarks, churches, walls, and incredible architecture.  You’ll discover hidden bays, beaches, ports, small island towns. By the time your adventure ends, you’ll be refreshed, well rested, and richer by countless new experiences.


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