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Coronavirus ( Covid-19) Riviera Maya

Coronavirus or Covid 19 Riviera Maya

Coronavirus Riviera Maya and Playa Del Carmen


This virus originated in China and now is spreading all over the world.  Is having a huge effect on people’s lives.  Caos and frighten people run to the supermarkets to stock on food and groceries.

Also, the tourism industry and airlines are finding themselves extremely affected by the spread of this virus.  A lot of flights been canceled or redirected, especially to Cancun and Riviera Maya and yet there hasn’t been a single case confirmed of the virus here.

Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Cancun have not registered any case of infection yet and neither has Cozumel.  Also, Cozumel still has its ports open to cruises from different parts of the world and yet no cases have been shown.

An article writing by the Nationa Geographic about ¨What happens to coronavirus covid 19 in warmer spring temperatures?¨  Mentions that similar viruses like the coronavirus tend to subside in warmer months or climate.

We do keep taking our precautions and keeping our boat rentals clean and disinfected.  Minimizing any risk that might exist of the coronavirus in Riviera Maya.  We understand that many airlines have canceled their flights.  That different countries have banned traveling anywhere. We just hope that a cure gets found soon to return to a normal life.  Even though people still coming to the area, we would love to have our normal tourism back in Playa del Carmen and The Riviera Maya.

Also, the United States has closed the embassy in Playa del Carmen.  Not wanting any of their employees here as a precaution.

The world is having a major effect and we can only hope that things go back to normal the sooner the better.  That a cure is found and that the people get it soon.