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Coronavirus ( Covid-19) Riviera Maya

Coronavirus or COVID-19 in the Riviera Maya


Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Cancun COVID-19 and coronavirus situation. 

covid-19 riviera maya

Everyone is adding efforts to maintain safety and get past this situation.  Here is how to stay safe and information on moving forward.  Rebooking, and changing your travel reservations and plans in the Riviera Maya. 


  1. Cases in the Riviera Maya
  2. A quick summary of government news 
  3. Rescheduling tours and activities
  4. Airlines information
  5. Opening up precautions
  6. Hotel rebooking and weddings
  7. Yachts and boats 
  8. Aperture dates post COVID-19 lockdown

  1.  Cases that have been confirmed positive of COVID-19 or coronavirus in Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Riviera Maya.

1218  cases in the area with 1121 negative tests and 686 cases recovered.

For more details of coronavirus in the area, you can check out the official government website.

Just like everywhere in the world, precautions have taken in the area by closing all business and complete lockdown.  In an effort to fight the spread and virus.  

Here you can see the opening dates of the Riviera Maya post-COVID of different types of businesses.  As all businesses are taking precautions and measures necessary to keep everyone safe.  Opening up with the right measures as well to have operations safe and risk-free.  On our side all of our yacht rentals and boats are sanitized, clean, and disinfected to assure safe operations.  Many businesses are getting ready to do the same and be able to welcome tourists to the Riviera Maya.  You can also tech out this site for further opening news as they are announced for June 2020.


2. Government latest news about coronavirus

  •   If you are in the Riviera Maya there are no restrictions on leaving.  Respecting and doing the procedures you might have at the arrival of your countries.
  • Restriction to come into the Riviera Maya suppose to be lifted starting June 1 st, with airlines starting to open up and flights into Cancun.   But mixed information is been coming out of the government on the date of aperture.
  • Tourists arriving at the Cancun airport suppose to go through a screening scanner to make sure they are free from the virus.


3. Rescheduling tours and activities

All companies in the Riviera Maya have been very flexible in rescheduling activities and tours.  Some giving refunds back.  But due to the big hit on cancellations, most companies have the only choice of moving your reservation date.  With open dates for future visits to the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen.  When times go back to normal and you are able to travel, you will be able to enjoy your activities normally again.


4. Airlines information

Airlines have also been very cooperative in moving flight dates and rescheduling your flights.   With some restriction as far as moving your date within a year of your original flight date.   Also, paying a difference if the season of prices is different then the original date.   For example, visiting in low season the flights are cheaper than if you were visiting in high season.

5. Precations have taken and are been put in place

As the Riviera Maya opens up again to tourists, there have been guidelines to follow in each business, tour, and activity.  To assure you still enjoying your trips with minimal risk.   In our yachts rentals, we are desensitizing and disinfecting, all common areas and most of the boat to ensure risk-free boat tours.


6.  Hotels rebookings and weddings

Hotels have given different options to also ensure your bookings to be rescheduled between now and  December 2020.

With options

  • Changing the date of your stay between now and December
  • Changing property with the same brand or chain of hotels.  If the price is different you might get a refund or have to pay extra depending on the season or hotel type.

Weddings in Playa del Carmen have also been giving the option to be moved to future dates.  Advising to move the date asap for the availability of wedding planners and hotels.

So the advice is to get in touch with your hotel, wedding planner, or whoever you have done your bookings ASAP to assure an easy rescheduling process.


7.  Yachts and Boat reservations.

All of the yacht charters have also been treated as most activities in the area.  With the option of moving your boating date for future as long as you make your reservation before December 2020.  With all of our boats been to maintain with risk-free guidelines to keep you safe during this time.  Our crew members also taking the precautions necessary to keep up with this without losing the sense of great service.  Welcome to our family and we hope you enjoy your next charter rentals with us soon.


As talks have been going on of hot temperatures helping and been an ally against the virus.

As mentioned in an article writing by the Nationa Geographic about ¨What happens to coronavirus COVID 19 in warmer spring temperatures?¨  Mentions that similar viruses like the coronavirus tend to subside in warmer months or climate.

We do keep taking our precautions and keeping our boat rentals in Playa Del Carmen clean and disinfected.  Minimizing any risk that might exist of the coronavirus in Riviera Maya.  We understand that many airlines have canceled their flights.  That different countries have banned traveling anywhere. We just hope that a cure gets found soon to return to a normal life.  Even though people still coming to the area, we would love to have our normal tourism back in Playa del Carmen and The Riviera Maya.

Also, the United States has closed the embassy in Playa del Carmen.  Not wanting any of their employees here as a precaution with no announced date of reopening yet.

The world is having a major effect and we can only hope that things go back to normal the sooner the better.  That a cure is found and that the people get it soon.



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