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Catch the Sunset With Our Boat Rentals

Want to catch the sunset? Playa Yachting offers a wide range of boat rentals, yacht cruises, and charters to enjoy a sunset tour on surrounding islands in Playa Del Carmen.

When imagining a sunset cruise, most people think the setting of the sun. However, we don’t only allow you to see the spectacular colors of the sunset, but it also serves as form a picturesque backdrop for a romantic cruise or a party.

Playa Boat Tours Sunset

Charter a Yacht for a Romantic Experience Aboard in Playa Del Carmen

Sailing is one of the most romantic memories you can make with someone, especially if it is a private cruise.

Imagine yourself with your loved one, together, sitting on the ship’s deck watching at Playa Del Carmen’s coastline, appreciating a fresh, refreshing, tropical drink. Isn’t it delightful?

It is a perfect chance to embrace and share a private moment with your loved one.

Renting a boat is ideal for couples, newlyweds, double dates, and even anniversaries, with our range of Playa Del Carmen boat rentals equipped with a bar, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms, and a room for celebration or for some quality time.

Playa Boat Tours Sunset

Experience the sunset cruise 

Booking our services means booking quality time, and it is for you to decide how to savor it.

With the boat rentals in Playa Del Carmen, we can take you to the most astounding destinations for you to snorkel, dive, or bask under the sun, tanning and enjoy refreshing drinks.

Our Playa del Carmen boat rental services can be rented for a few hours up to a whole day, for a private gathering or a small party.

Book our Boat Rentals in Playa Del Carmen. Why?

  • To see the spectacular color of sunsets
  • To get away from the crowd.
  • To relax in privacy.There is no better way of seeing the sunset in Playa Del Carmen than from the boat. With you and your favorite drinks like beer or whatever tickles your fancy.

The key to our service is customization. We are here to tailor your holiday in Playa Del Carmen to whatever you fancies.

It’s easy to book a private boat rental in Playa Del Carmen. We specialize in private boat tours for small and big groups. What are you waiting for? Book your sunset adventure now!