Cancun Weather

Tourists who are not familiar with the area are curious, how’s Cancun weather?

If you’ve been wondering how the weather is in Cancun, you’re likely in the middle of buying your flight tickets. Perhaps, you already bought them, and want to prepare. Below you’ll find the best time to visit Cancun, when is the hottest time in Cancun, when the rainy season is, and weather tips for boat and yacht enthusiasts. Towards the bottom of the article, you’ll also find a Cancun weather guide month by month to help you plan your Cancun vacation.

If you ask a local or whoever has been there long enough, they’d give the general answer. Which is humid, windy and warm. Though that might not be helpful for you if you want to know the weather for a specific time or for the activities you are planning. Keep reading learn more about the weather in Cancun.

What is the best time to visit Cancun, Mexico?

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This is the quintessential question of a cautious traveler in a new city. There are plenty of factors to consider actually. Which can be answered by another question. What do you as a traveler want to experience?

  • For College Spring Breakers or backpackers – Cancun Weather Guide

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Here’s the thing, if you are of college age and are vacationing for Spring Break or a beginner traveler on a budget, August through October is perfect. You might scoff that it’s an “off-season” and coincides with the late hurricane season, but here’s the reason why. Travel is cheap. Hotel room availability and rates are best throughout these months.

  • For that Luxury Diva – Cancun Weather Guide

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For those who love to travel luxuriously, the best time to visit Cancun is from November till June. Why? It’s the best time for enjoying activities and you’ll get that perfect tan by surfing, kitesurfing, yacht or catamaran sailing and diving. Also, these are the best months to explore Mayan Jungles, where you can try snorkeling, zip lining, horseback riding, and boating. Since these months are the peak season, expect hotel prices, restaurants, cottage or villa rentals and entrance to most private establishments to be at their highest point of the year.

Check out our article below on the “10 Top Things to do in Cancun” which highlights the activities you’ll want to try in the city.

  • For the Seasoned Traveler- Cancun weather guide

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If you have been to Cancun so many times that you know the ins and outs of the city, then there are no best months to visit Cancun as Cancun is a year-round destination. Sure there are some months that are more crowded than the others, usually during the winter season of the northern hemisphere.

If you don’t like the crowd then you know to avoid coming during these months. Also, Cancun’s hurricane seasons which mostly falls on September till November. So, avoid visiting Cancun during that period as well. Summer times tend to rain a lot but, it’s still manageable and might be interesting to visit as well.

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What is the hottest month in Cancun?

cancun weather hottest months

Looking to get the optimum tan and toast under the hot sun? Book your tickets in April. You’ll get temperatures in the 80s and it can climb to a toasty peak of the low 90s and up! You can still chase the sunshine in July and August, so don’t be sad if you missed your chance to visit in April. Go on get that glorious tan!

What to do in this season?

cancun weather snorkel

Tourist activities during the summer months, of course, tend to revolve around the beach. We’ve got a pretty neat guide for snorkeling in Cozumel. So, you might want to check it out if you are looking to venture out of the city into some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico! It will show you the hottest destination in and around Cozumel, where to stay and what activities to do aside from snorkeling. Playa Yachting also offers private snorkeling tours, to know more info check out our website for your yacht or catamaran choices that are perfect for the activity you want.

When is the Rainy Season in Cancun, Mexico?

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The rainy season in Cancun is virtually short. Expect 4 inches of rainfall for May, and this doubles from June to October. So if you are an indoors person, sipping your hot cocoa while observing the rain from your hotel balcony, then you’ll want to visit during these months.

What can you do on a rainy day in Cancun?

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It doesn’t mean though that for rainy days you’ll only be cooped inside your hotel room. There is always a sense of adventure when you’re out in the open while it is raining. You can still visit the Mayan ruins at Tulum where after taking in the sights you can sip a mug of hot chocolate or coffee from the nearby cafes. You can even have a good bargain at Mercado 28, see if that gorgeous scarf or poncho does keep the chill away. And of course, the highlight of the night is to go bar hopping when the weather isn’t too balmy while you dance and sip your margaritas at Blvd. Kukulcan.

How Cancun weather affects boating, sailing, yachting, and fishing?

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If you want to enjoy the water without any stress. Then you can achieve that by renting a private boat or yacht. It can be even more enjoyable if you decide to go on a sailing excursion, to fish, snorkel, or dive. You’re probably wondering how the weather can affect these activities?

It is easy with today’s technology. You can check the weather apps or this website to see how your yachting experience is going to be. They have accurate data for up to a month so you can plan ahead. What happens if it’s raining and windy? If it’s dangerous to go out the ports gets closed and no boats go out of the marine. Check out the following link for fast and accurate weather info to see if you can sail safely