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Yacht Week Croatia

Yacht Week Croatia

Yacht week Croatia is a unique yachting experience for anyone, looking for equally nonstop fun and partying.  This place turns into a massive ocean party feast whether sailing from one place to another or on the circle of sailboats tied up to enjoy the scene.[/][/vc_column]


Yacht Week Croatia Route

There are different routes to this great event some are slower and other a bit faster with rather a different volume of yachts in each week of sailing.  Besides the usual routes vary. Of course, some go the scenic route as well as the fun routes. Imagine, a different island or port town every day of the week, with exceptional and unique charisma of their own.

Split is the usual starting point of these chartered events. Though there are chartered yachts that are introducing Dubrovnik as the first destination point. Then they set sail for the next destination which is Trogir, and back again.

Nature lovers will be amazed by the mountainous backdrop of southern Croatia, historic UNESCO World Heritage sites, then on to the wild charisma of the Dalmatian islands.

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The most popular routes during Yacht week 


  • Trogir 
    trogir yacht week croatiaYou’ll ultimately experience the party scene at this stop. People who seek out the fun in this event are all here and you definitely have the best evening of your life!
  • Vis 
    vis yacht week croatiaThis destination is best to experience further on foot. Rent out a bike or a scooter to especially explore a picturesque scenery in Port George and all the surrounding areas. Don’t be fooled of its serene beauty though, you’ll still experience the fun in the evenings with theme parties organized for the event.
  • Hvar 
    hvar yacht week croatia
    Touted as the St. Tropez of Croatia, Hvar will truly make you fall in love with its rustic beauty. If you’re looking to try out and bring home organically grown bottles of olive and lavender 
    oils, then explore the towns! You’ll find what you’re looking for when you explore.
  • Supetar 
    Supetar yacht week croatiaHome to only about 3,000 people, this destination, in fact, makes for a perfect backdrop of your instagrammable scenic pictures. We especially recommend taking pictures in the church of Mary Annunciation, built in the 18th century and it features Leroj, a bell-tower that has a rustic charm and ties up the infrastructure together.
  • Komiza 
    komiza yacht week croatia
    Visit this charming small fishing village and let yourself cool off after with delicious ice cream cones from one of the pop-up stalls!
  • Bol 
    bol yacht week croatia
    Upon viewing an aerial view of the beach, you’ll instantly know why it is super famous. Zlatini rat is definitely one of the most beautiful coastlines you’ll ever get to visit. Only 2 kilometers from Bol, this beachline has a perfect tip that spreads in about 500 meters into the sea.
  • Dubrovnik 
    dubrovnik yacht week croatia
    Want to especially see Game of Throne’s King’s Landing in real life? Then, definitely come to this Yacht week destination! Imagine yourself be immersed in the most breathtaking places around Dubrovnik once you visit!
  • Split 
    split yacht week croatia
    Split is the stopover destination that was once just a place for tourists to catch a ferry ride to be able to go to the next destination. Presently, it has transformed into one of the hottest destinations for tourists around Croatia. Being centrally located, Split is the reason why it has been a popular Yacht Week starting point.

When does Yacht Week Croatia happen?
when to go yacht week croatia
The ideal time that this event takes place is around the warm months of June, July, August, and September. These are the months that the Adriatic sea is at its most temperate hence it is quintessential for the start of Yacht Week.

How Does Booking For Yacht Week Croatia Work?
playa yachting for yacht week croatia

Yacht week Croatia offers you not only unforgettable experiences but also, cultural enlightenment, solid friendships to build along the way and beautiful memories to last you a lifetime. Of course, here are a few of awesome feature of Yacht Week Croatia.


  • Tailored itinerary so that you can explore and not miss anything
  • Your very own knowledgeable skipper
  • Accommodation for seven days
  • Access to exclusive events significantly organized just for yacht week
  • Yacht equipment and nautical charts (GPS)
  • Dingy and water taxis
  • Your very own photographer to capture that perfect moment

Playa Yachting invites you to inquire about chartering a yacht for Yacht Week Croatia. Our friendly staff will answer all your questions about how to book a tour. Who knows, this might be the adventure you’re waiting for!