How to Prepare for a Yacht Tour

Yacht Tour in Playa del Carmen

Many people are unaware of how to prepare for a yacht tour and it’s completely normal! Whether you’ve taken many yacht tours or it’s going to be your first, each tour can be very different. It’s important to know how to prepare because there are important details that can greatly affect your experience. Listed below are a few helpful details on how to prepare for your future yacht tour with Playa Yachting. If you’ve already begun planning your trip, check out Planning your Playa Del Carmen Vacation for more details about the area.


Life in the Caribbean is laid back – and that’s part of the pleasure. The idea is to relax and not let inconveniences upset you. Your luggage may not arrive on the same shuttle flight because of weight considerations on the aircraft. The best way to avoid this situation is to bring carry on luggage only. If you arrive earlier than your charter and are staying at a hotel, remember not to try to board earlier than planned. The crew is often busy getting things ready for you and may not want you to see the yacht in it’s pre-charter state!


Space is limited on a boat, so bring small bags which the crew can stow easily. T-shirts and shorts are a great choice for when you’re not in swimwear and wear comfortable shoes for trips ashore. If plan to go to an elegant dinner spot in the evening, a button down shirt and khakis for the men and a sundress for the women is appropriate. Bring more than one bathing suit, as you’re likely to spend more time in them than anything else!


yacht party Playa Yachting Playa del CarmenEvery yacht is fit to meet your needs and ensure the most enjoyable experience possible. Our experienced staff is always on hand to ensure you step foot back on shore fully recharged and refreshed. Whether you play in the water, lounge on board, or enjoy a fresh meal, a tour with Playa Yachting is the perfect way to relax during your vacation. Most yachts have USB hook-ups, so definitely bring along your favorite music. WIFI is usually available so you will not be completely out of touch with the world if you want to bring your laptop or tablet.