Tips When Renting a Yacht in Playa del Carmen

Tips When Renting a Yacht in Playa del Carmen. Are you planning to rent a yacht in Playa Del Carmen? Then you should read this before getting one, so you will have a safe, enjoyable and stress-free trip. Keep in mind these tips to ensure your trip a memorable one.

Tips When Renting a Yacht in Playa del Carmen Tip 1. Ensure that the boat you are renting has a license and permits to operate.

All yachts and Playa del Carmen boat rentals must have their operating license and permits in Playa del Carmen. The marine coast is authorized to inspect boats and yachts in the area to ensure everything is okay. In some cases, a yacht or boat owner does not possess a permit to operate the authority can automatically bring back the passengers to land and stop any tours that they are running.

 Tip 2. Always check the boat rental and the itinerary of your tour package.

Some companies might give you a different boat instead of getting the one you booked. So, ensure that you are getting for the price they are quoting. For instance, in Cancun and Riviera Maya, yacht rentals in Playa Del Carmen are a bit more complicated with all the different options available. But even though Playa Del Carmen has fewer options, still happens sometimes that you will get a different boat that you were assured. 

 Tip 3. Secure a contract of the boat you are renting and the tour package.

Secure a contract from the company regarding the boat you are renting and the details of the tour. It will assure you as well as gives you time to double-check dates, prices, inclusions and exclusions of your tour.

Tip 4. Ask the boat rental company about to bring during

To have an enjoyable tour, better ask the boat rental company so would know what to bring during the tour. It is because not all boat rentals in Playa Del Carmen include all the equipment needed like

  • Snorkelling gear, ask if they have enough snorkelling gear for everyone. 
  • Ask them if they provide towels, but it is recommended to bring one with you.
  • For fishing boat rentals, don’t forget to check if there are providing a live bait or just a rubber bait.

These tips on a boat rental in Playa del Carmen will give you a stress-free and enjoyable tour. For your boat rental needs, Playa Yachting has a good range of boats or yachts.

We are always seeking new Yachts to keep improving our safety, comfort and luxury standards. You will be treated to the best service crew and most luxurious fun yachts and catamarans in Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera!

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