Tips on Yacht & Catamaran Rentals | Playa del Carmen

When renting a yacht and or catamaran in the Riviera Maya, there tips that can help you make your boating experience a great one! There are things to keep in mind and certain things to avoid.

  1. Service on board of the boats — with different options and different companies offering yacht and sailboat rentals service is monumental to have the perfect yachting experience. Service is not only important when reserving your yacht, boat or catamaran but even more important on board.  We understand what great service looks like from beginning to end and understand how it can set the tone for your tour. That is why we hand-pick the best yachts and catamarans with service driven crews to offer an amazing experience.
  2. Getting a different boat than what was promised–  As you are getting ready to rent your yacht or catamaran overseas you want to make sure that the boat you are paying for is the one you are getting. Always check to make sure the photos sent are the ones of the boat you will get. You can simply ask for the model and other specs of the boat or yacht. Also, asking to submit a deposit instead of the full amount can give you some leverage as well to make sure you get what you reserve when you show up.
  3. Maintenance, well kept and clean boats —  Even though there are incidents that we can’t control like a break down of a boat that may happen from time to time. Just like a limo may break down. Unfortunately, for this one it is a bit harder to prevent you can make an educated decision by doing your research on the yacht company. A good website and reputation can be an indication of a company being professional or more of a unorganized operation. The professionalism behind the reservation process and their customer service can also be a big indicator to avoid these incidents.
  4. Cancelation policy of your boat rental — Make sure that if weather is bad and port gets shut down will you get your money back or at least be able to reschedule. It should be a common practice for yachting and boat businesses to inform clients of their cancellation/weather policy so make sure you are aware of that prior to reserving.

Next time you are renting a yacht and or Catamaran in Playa del Carmen keep in mind these tips to ease the process of your experience and enjoy a great vacation!