Playa del Carmen Shopping on 5th Avenue

Playa del Carmen shopping on 5th Avenue has something for everyone. For some, a vacation is not complete if they cannot shop. Playa del Carmen may offer plenty of sun, water activities and nightlife, but what about shopping? The information below contains your Playa del Carmen shopping possibilities!

5th Avenue Shopping

5th avenue is one of the most famous Playa del Carmen attractions. This area contains several shops and a variety of bars, restaurants, and cafes. If you are someone being dragged along on a shopping adventure, don’t worry! There are plenty of options along the way where you can grab a drink or food!  5th Avenue is a 3 mile walkway through Playa del Carmen and is continually growing. It is one block west of the beach and is great place for people watching.



Types of Shops

Shops range from name-brand to flea markets. Flea markets sell handicrafts and knick-knacks along the entire street. At these stores, you are expected to bargain, except when the prices are listed. There are even two small shopping malls. One of the malls, Paseo del Carmen, is at the south end of the strip. The popular shops here include Zara, Bershka, American Apparel and Harley Davidson.

The second mall, Quinta Alegria, is on the corner of Consituyentes. The popular shops here include Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, and Body Shop.



Shopping Tips

  • Pay in pesos to get a better rate of exchange.  Each store can decide at what rate they offer customers and this is often worse then the official rate.
  • Shop after 7:00pm when it is cooler and everything is open. Save your daytime for the beach!
  • Most stores have fixed prices. Only shops on the sidewalk will haggle on prices. We recommend shopping at stores with prices marked.
  • Read tourist shopping traps and scams. You will most likely hear con lines while shopping on 5th Avenue so get prepared by reading this.