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Best Beaches In Playa Del Carmen

Best Beaches In Playa Del Carmen. Millions of tourists come to Playa Del Carmen each year to take a stroll on the white sand of the beautiful beaches!

Most visitors come to the beach in Playa Del Carmen, so why not see the best ones and explore its beauty.

Wait! Are you just basking under the sun and not decided yet which place to visit, hop on a yacht rental in Playa del Carmen and get ready to be astonished for a beautiful beachcombing adventure. Check out our list of Playa Del Carmen’s splendid beaches:


One thing that makes Calle 10 famous is because of its lavish Yacht Rental in Playa Del Carmen and the activities. CALLE 10 has a way to some of the most popular beach clubs and beach beds with excellent services. Around the 16th street, you can see yacht charters waiting for their clients. No wonder Calle 10 brings both locals and tourists, maintaining its very relaxing and tropical vibe throughout the day.

Best Beaches In Playa Del Carmen


Honors the Founders of Playa del Carmen and is a notable historic location within the city. The beach in Parque Fundadores is excellent for taking a stroll from Juarez to 5th Avenue, where you will see the large ‘Playa del Carmen Arch.’ As the population increased and the city developed, the park grew into a center for entertainment, events with local businesses. 



This is one of the best of all the beaches in Playa Del Carmen though it is hard to reach this beach. It is all worth it upon seeing this pure beauty. If you are a snorkeling enthusiast, this is the perfect beach to try snorkeling off the shores of Playa Del Carmen Fishing Charter.

Mamitas Beach Club

If you are looking for vibrant coral reefs, extreme cave exploring, fresh freshwater pools, colorful schools of tropical fish, you can get a boat at Playa Del Carmen Yacht Rental to see the underwater wonders.


This is an extensive beach where you can experience tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the town. You can relax and bask under the sun or plunge into the water. You can also do kite surfing during windy days and don’t miss the scuba diving chances by renting a boat at Playa Del Carmen Yacht rental.

Best Beaches In Playa Del Carmen

To explore more beaches during your visit to Cancun, hop on the yacht rental in Playa Del Carmen. It is a home of many beautiful beaches where you can experience water sports activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, fishing, whale watching adventure, and more.