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Are You Planning For A Playa Del Carmen Fishing Tour?

Planning For A Playa Del Carmen Fishing Tour?

Are You Planning For A Playa Del Carmen Fishing Tour? So you picked the Mexican Caribbean as your next destination on your angling bucket list.

With abundant marine life and ways to Playa Yacthing - Fishing Riviera Mayaexplore, fishing the Riviera Maya will put you in the middle of one of the most abundant angling destinations in the world. No wonder this place was hailed as the anglers paradise.

Each year, many enthusiastic anglers gather to Riviera Maya to catch the fish of their life. It may be beginners, experts, fly fishers, and big game hunters, all of them gather in search of the big one. 


Playa del Carmen transformed from a dozy fishing community to one of the best Mexican tourist destinations. The city is now a unique combination of ancient Mayan culture and a bustling multicultural residential community. 

Fly Angling in Playa

For fly fishing in Playa del Carmen isn’t precisely flat plentiful. Since beaches are packed with swimmers and the bustling coastline, it limits the chances for ideal fly angling. But if you really wanted to go on fly fishing, you have the option of renting a boat in Playa Del Carmen to take you a bit further to the south. 

What type of fish can you catch in Playa Del Carmen?

Fishing in Playa del Carmen is a once in a lifetime experience. The turquoise waters, the clear view of the extraordinary reefs and the productive waters that are abounding with fish is indeed in the favour who loves fishing.

Playa Del Carmen Fishing

Boat Rentals 

There are different options when it comes to fishing in Playa Del Carmen. If you are decided to rent a boat in Playa Del Carmen, you have to decide which package suits your needs.

Some companies offer large shared boats, or you could choose to rent a smaller boat and add extra bucks for the private experience. Also, you need to decide how many hours you will rent the boat and whether you need a full crew or just someone who can help you to steer the ship.

Playa Yachting offers a Playa Del Carmen boat rentals for fishing, whichever option you prefer, ensure that the boat size and rental type meets the kind of fishing you want to do.

Happy Fishing!