Level Up Your Next Vacation

Being in a yacht can be one of the highlights of every getaway by water. It brings out n breathtaking views, and you can walk to the scenic trails and be amazed by the coastline view from above. But before taking another trio consider to level up your ultimate vacation in Playa del Carmen boat rental. A successful yacht experience takes a bit of planning to prepare and to make the best of it.

Level Up Your Next Vacation

Preparing for a vacation can sometimes make you feel pressured and quite stressed. Once you have chartered your next yacht getaway, level it up by doing a full briefing for everyone’s safety onboard. Here are some of the dos and don’ts when staying in a yacht rental in Playa Del Carmen.

The Do’s for your Trip

  1. Be on Time. It is a must to make sure you arrive at the designated meeting area on time. You need to follow strict rules and always adhere to the policies on your trip.
  2. Respect the Captain. Interact with the crew, especially the assigned captain onboard. Treat each other with all the respect they deserve. Think of them as your most valued employees; after all, they are responsible for making sure you have a wonderful time onboard.
  3. Be clear with planning. It is a golden rule to have a proper plan or itinerary for your vacation. Layout in advance and let the whole crew know to attain the incredible yacht rental experience in Playa Del Carmen. Preparations in advance would help you so that you can have plan B if problems occur.
  4. Feel Home. Sometimes it is difficult to relax when you’re new to that area or place. But when you are in a yacht, you can feel comforted with so much relaxation, and you will have time to unwind onboard. 

The Don’ts for your Trip

  1. Panic. We cannot determine the future. It is important to remember in times when there will be emergencies; everyone is encouraged to stay calm and don’t panic. Don’t make the situation worse.
  2. Don’t Go Far From the Yacht. When you get off from the yacht to visit some area within the scope of your trip, you must stay relatively close to the boat when out on the water. Don’t go far away and make sure you have excellent communication with the crew.
  3. Invading Private Areas. The people onboard including you, the team and the captain must maintain order and must respect one another, including the secluded areas that only the team are allowed to enter.
  4. Overloading. Make sure that you would choose a yacht that would accommodate the size of your group. Maintain balance and don’t overload the yacht to enjoy the getaway truly.

With all of the things everyone should adhere to while getting on a yacht rental in Playa Del Carmen, it is always advisable to follow and respect everyone to achieve success and make your ultimate vacation much exciting. Level up your next trip on a yacht in Playa del Carmen. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us to help you upon your getaway to get you boat rentals in Playa Del Carmen, enjoying the wondrous place by getting on a yacht. Book now!

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Sailing Route Vacation Tips in Playa

Sailing Route Vacation Tips in Playa

 Sailing Route Vacation Tips? Let’s take a look at the factors to consider when choosing the right course for your next yacht rentals. Surely you’ll be rewarded with a perfect holiday which you and the whole crew will remember fondly for years to come. 

Sailing Route Vacation Tips in Playa

Before We Begin Planning the Route

One of the vital and most important significant matters to consider is the planning of your route for your yacht rental.

Planning plays a significant role for you to enjoy and have the most relaxing moment while sailing. It is considered to your guide for you to reach your destination and prevent your sailing trip from being a nightmare.

If you want, you can improvise a plan for your route and embark on a magical journey across the ocean. It’s good to ask yourself some questions and choose the path accordingly for your next yacht rental.

Planning does guarantee you to take away wonderful shared memories and guidelines of where to go on your next getaway. Below are some of the pointers you need to consider before booking your boat.

Tip #1 What do we want to experience?

An important question you need to ask is, what do you want to experience? Choose the right location according to your interests and style. Do you want to sail, or you’ll be incorporating activities as you cruise along the marvellous waters of Playa del Carmen in the Caribean. If you’re having a problem choosing your next destination, well Playa del Carmen can be a great choice because of its historical monuments and captivating natural scenery. We assure you to have the best yacht rental in Playa del Carmen.

Tip #2 Sailing off the beaten track

If you’re looking for a quiet place, you can charter a boat along the beaten tracks in Playa del Carmen. As you sail along with the secluded areas, you can witness and uncover small bays with no people and boats. It can be a great time to enjoy your venture.

Tip #3 Will the children be sailing? 

It is essential to consider if the kids will be joining in your getaway. Firstly, you need to ensure your children’s safety and provide risk management guidelines. It would be best if you consider activities that would surely make your kids enjoy. Yacht rental in Playa del Carmen allows you to explore areas and engage in some water fun activities such as snorkelling, swimming, scuba diving, and many more. 

Tip #4 Date and the weather conditions

Date and weather conditions also play an essential role in your getaway. Choose the dates wisely to prevent bad scenarios and so that you can save a lot of worry in your next getaway here in Playa del Carmen. Check the weather conditions and look for the forecast on the wind conditions to make your venture noteworthy.

Tip #5 Locations Accessibility

Make sure that your location can be easily searched or tracked on. In case of emergency, make sure to have someone to contact. This would make your trip with less worry and would save your time to enjoy more.

Need Help?

Are you in the planning stages and need advice? We’re happy to help you choose a destination so that it would fulfil your dream and expectations to the max. We’ll even select the most appropriate boat for you. We have many years of yachting experience and know the best spots with all their beauty and challenges. For further details about our upstanding services here in Playa, please visit our newsletter so that we can assist you in regards to deals.


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Simple Ways To Lessen Your Plastic Usage on a Sailing Holiday

Our ocean is now full of plastic. Yes, we depend on plastic, but we’re drowning in it. It isn’t very easy to think of a product that doesn’t package in it. 

Simple Ways To Lessen your Plastic Usage on a Sailing Holiday

Simple Ways To Lessen Your Plastic Usage on a Sailing Holiday. Nowadays, beach pollution has become a massive problem in most cities now.

Simple Ways To Lessen Your Plastic Usage on a Sailing Holiday. We know that going plastic-free is challenging, but we can do something better, and it starts with lessening the use of single-use plastic. So, if you are planning for a sailing vacation in Playa Del Carmen with your family, get the next generation involved and learn how to take good care of the oceans.

Here are some ways we can help the oceans.

 Skip the straw

Let’s skip the straw because there are many sea creatures like seabirds that eat the straws, and this can be deadly. When ordering drinks, inform the waiter or the crew that you don’t want a straw or any other plastic. Instead, you can use reusable, biodegradable bamboo straws and enjoy sipping your drinks or cocktail on deck at sundown without one.

Get a reusable bottle.

Stop using disposable cups, instead invest in a reusable bottle and fill it up. You can check with your charter company in Playa del Carmen or with locals if the tap water is safe. With this, you can help reduce the use of plastic cups.

Use eco-bag or Reusable shopping bags

When packing for sailing in Playa del Carmen, don’t forget to take some reusable shopping bags with you to avoid using plastic bags when buying supplies in the port. 

Light a match

Use match instead of using plastic disposable lighters. They are a scourge of the sea and birdlife because they are mistaken for fish, and many a bird has died with a belly full of plastic lighters.

Help clean the ocean

Perhaps when you are sailing in Playa, you will stop off at a quiet cove. So, if you see any plastic in the water or on the beach, pick it up and take it with you.

Use biodegradable sunscreen

Plastic-free personal care products To protect marine life, it is recommended to use biodegradable personal care products. 

Do your part and help save the ocean. Start your next sailing adventure with us. Come aboard with us, and we have a vast range of boat rentals in Playa del Carmen. Feel free to contact us.

Tips for Throwing a Cancun Yacht Birthday Party

Tips for Throwing a Cancun Yacht Birthday Party, The atmosphere is everything—nothing sets the scene like a yacht in the shore of Cancun. But before you decide to have a birthday bash in a yacht, make sure you carefully planned everything to have a blast.

Here are some tips in throwing a birthday party on a yacht.

Create a guest list in advance.

Throwing a birthday party means inviting guests. Especially if it is a private party, you need a guest list and give time to list down with whom you’ll be asked to attend. Also, you must provide them with enough time so that they can plan their schedule as well, to avoid absences from your favourite people after you charter a lovely yacht for your birthday.

Choose a Theme

Renting a yacht rental in Cancun is a description of a theme of itself for a birthday party, so you don’t need one. But if you have an excellent idea to make your party more inviting then pick a theme like:

  • Casino Royale
  • Pirates and Buccaneers
  • Masquerade
  • Nautical 

Don’t Overlook the Music

To make your birthday bash more lively put on some music. Create the best collection of music you will play where your guests will be able to enjoy the music no matter where they are on the  Cancun yacht. An added perks about having a Cancun yacht birthday party on a yacht is that you will enjoy the beautiful scenery while partying.

Don’t Skimp on Supplies

Make sure everything is ready, especially with the supplies needed for the party. It is difficult to go back to the land, once you’re on the water because you ran out of drinks, ice or food. That’s why planning is essential, once you secure your yacht rental and you begin hearing back from guests, you need to plan the menu and how many refreshments will be enough.

Prepare Games

Celebrating a birthday party on a yacht is going to be plenty of fun. To ensure everyone has a great time plan ahead by thinking of games that everyone can play.

 Birthday party or celebrating important events on a yacht is something everyone should experience, especially with how lovely the scenery is around Cancun and, there’s something extraordinary about having your boat for a private party on your birthday. 

Booze Cruise Riviera Maya

Celebrating a birthday or want to make the start of this year special? Playa Yachting is the perfect venue to celebrate your day! Guests will enjoy cruising the beautiful sea of the Caribbean aboard one of the rental yachts.