Weddings Playa del Carmen

Wedding Playa Del Carmen

The stunning beaches of Playa Del Carmen in Mexico make it a favorite vacation spot for people from all over the world. The water of the Caribbean Sea makes the beach extra-special. Sunny skies make it a perfect place to chill. There are plenty of options to enjoy the beach from lounging around and an-all inclusive resort to a simple store along the beach. There is something for everyone. As you walk in the sand you will see a road running parallel to the beach. This is Quinta Avenida or Fifth Avenue.  Playa Del Carmen filled with shops and restaurants. This pedestrian-only road stretches for block after block. 

One of the major attractions in this area is Coco Bongo; it is a part of a club and show. It’s a unique experience attraction tickets include an open bar and it’s definitely a party. The show goes late into the night if you can stay awake. When you get tired from the entire action just walk out to the beach, lay down on the sand, and listen to the waves. 

wedding playa del carmen

Best hotels for a wedding in Playa Del Carmen

    1. Rosewood Mayakoba
    2. Banyan tree Mayakoba
    3. The Royal + Panama Jack
    4. Wedding on a Yacht

 You have the list of all-inclusive wedding packages for playa Del Carmen

Rosewood Mayakoba

Rosewood Mayakoba is situated on the Riviera Maya. It is known as a newly Reimagined destination for wellness and luxury emergence inside the emerald jungle. This high-end resort in Mexico with spacious suites is located south of Cancun and north of the charming seaside village of Playa Del Carmen. And white sand beaches of Riviera Maya fresh from a total transformation of your 129 suites. Two lavish presidential suites distinctly blend the best of indoor and outdoor living. The price range for this hotel is $790 to $2056. 

Banyan tree Mayakoba

This is an absolutely beautiful hotel in Del Carman. Banyan tree Mayakoba is a spot of close to mythical beauty. This is a beautiful relaxation destination a substation honeymoon location for you and your new spouse. The hotel has beautiful rooms, swimming pool, and world-class dining. The Banyan tree has 123 villas,  from romantic bills and serenity pool villas to family residence and oceanfront in Mayakoba. This beautiful hotel has a price range of $468 to $1404.

The Royal + Panama Jack

The royal and Panama jack are sisters located just across the sidewalk from one another and just footsteps away from the famous 5th Avenue. In Panama Jack, the family-friendly resort has 458 suites set on a beautiful stretch of beach in Cancun’s famous hotel zone. It includes an incredible themed water park, manifold, and one of the few catholic chapels in Cancun. You can enjoy beautiful large space and the room services at your fingerprints. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the seaside from your room window. It is much beautiful and romantic place for a wedding. You have the following facilities in Panama Jack 

  • Master one-bedroom suite ocean view for the new couple
  • The beautiful living room
  • The tropical style furniture setting
  • Plush seating area
  • Ceiling fan controls
  • A double hot tub sits in the corner 
  • Coffee and Nespresso machine
  • Shelf and storage beside your mini-fridge
  • The perfect bathroom for sharing
  • Ice bucket and your outlet
  • Honeymoon (full) breakfast
  • Couples massage
  • Sound system for the ceremony
  • Hairstyle and make up for bridal
  • Professional services of an outside wedding specialist
  • Also, a discount on your services

The Royal 

Royal is also another extremely romantic beautiful resort. The beach bluchers will attend you and to your every need and provide you with facilities for enjoyment. At this five star hotel, you can expect to be treated like royalty and enjoy all-inclusive luxury exclusively for adults. This impeccable resort boasts 513 lovage all sweet accommodation with private balconies terraces and whirlpool tubs. All of the lounges and bars are fully stocked with premium brand liquor. So sit there and enjoy your favorite cocktail.

 Royal services as you enjoy the exquisite cuisine of seven gourmet restaurants. Keep your fitness goals alive at the recently upgraded fully equipped life fitness center. Try a spin class or sweat out with an aerobics class and challenge us with a stop philosophy session. Transcend the everyday and fine balance of spas ooh here ancient discursive rituals holistic therapies in a calming environment will gently lift away all of your worries. With a ton of style stones steam baths and luxurious felons, there is no better place to invigorate your mind and body. 

You can get the following facilities in the royal wedding package

  • Beautiful location for the ceremony
  • Set up with Tiffani chairs
  • Wedding cake
  • Location for a cocktail party 
  • Music sound
  • Makeup and hairstyle for the bridal
  • Wedding coordinator
  • Treating with you as a royal family
  • Royalty food and accommodation
  • Wedding guests, spa discount of 10%

Wedding on board of one of our luxury yachts

Enjoy a unique way of getting marry onboard of one of our luxury private yacht rentals and boat rentals in Playa del Carmen.  A great way to say yes in the middle of the Caribbean ocean.  Just a great way to get your wedding on a yacht in Playa del Carmen and the best way to get married in the Riviera Maya.



Your Guide for Weddings in Mexico

Your Guide for Weddings in Mexico

Your Guide for Weddings in Mexico

Your Guide for Weddings in Mexico. Destination weddings mean getting married far from home. Still, several couples prefer to have their wedding in Mexico because it isn’t too far.  A great place in Mexico is a wedding Playa del Carmen.

Mexico is the paradise next-door, with affordable flights available from most major cities in the U.S. 

It is a shorter travel time affordable airfare and vacation getaway for couples and guests in this tropical paradise.

Mexico also reigns when it comes to a romantic destination, each region brimming with newlywed happiness.

One of which is Playa del Carmen, a wedding destination with excellent venues and tours. Especially for couples who are tying the knot.

The beautiful environment, linked with a warm climate and blue skies year-round, has made Playa an excellent wedding destination abroad.

This Guide for Weddings in Mexico will help with the basics

Playa del Carmen, Mexico is full of entertainment, food, and beautiful weather. Most couples are usually amazed by the generosity of the Mexican people. 

The vibrant cultural sites throughout the country as well.  Also at the all-inclusive resorts and affordable wedding packages available at some of the most beautiful venues.

Playa Yachting offers a package to make your wedding an unforgettable one. From moonlight walks on the beach to deep dives in the coral reef with our boat charter in Playa del Carmen.

Here are some of the many reasons why Mexico is an excellent wedding destination.

  • Nearness to the United States, meaning easy (and often direct) travel for couples and guests.
  • Exquisite beach weather and tropical temperatures all year-round
  • Postcard-worthy of incredible ruins and coastline views
  • Mouth-watering cuisine
  • Astounding colonial structure and cultural sites to explore
  • Offers many activities for both you and your guests like yacht rental in Playa Del Carmen for snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Personalized wedding packages with many and low-cost options

What are the Legal Requirements for Getting Married in Mexico

Before you decide to get married in Mexico, you should know first their legal requirements.

Below are the requirements:

  •  The basics: In Mexico, you must be 18 years of age or older to get married legally. So if you are younger than 18, parental consent is needed.
  •  You need to secure proper documentation like birth certificate, passport, and tourist permit.
  •  It is required and you should arrive a few days before the wedding date to get a chest x-ray and blood test locally.  Which is required for a legal wedding in Mexico.
  •  You need to have four witnesses to stand with you at the ceremony. If you’re planning an elopement wedding, ask with your resort venue or agent if they can provide witnesses for you.
  • For your marriage certificate to be valid, you’ll need to submit a marriage appropriate form to the Foreign Office/State Department. Also if you had a religious ceremony, still, you need to take in civil service for your wedding to be legally recognized.

Planning to tie a knot in Playa del Carmen? Then contact us now to get started!