Creating Your Best Family Trip To Cozumel 

Creating Your Best Family Trip To Cozumel

Are you considering taking your family to the lovely Island of Cozumel?   Cozumel Island is the ideal destination for a family vacation! There are many family-friendly activities in Cozumel with kids, whether you’re staying for a week or just a day in port.

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The Caribbean Island of Cozumel is just a 15-minute ferry ride from Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and is known for some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the world.


Cozumel things to do

Here is the list you should add to your to-do list with your family.

1. Rent a Boat in Cozumel.

Cozumel boat rentals are one of the few boat rentals in Mexico. A Cozumel boat rental is perfect for you and your family if you plan to tour an island and secluded beaches. For example, you can travel to Playa Palancar, one of the most divine beaches you can imagine, with the Cozumel boat rentals. This stunning, isolated beach meets the warm Caribbean water here, making it one of the best places to snorkel. You can swim, snorkel, and dive alongside various tropical fish, sea turtles, and other marine life that call this coral reef home.


2. Visit the Monument to the Coral Reefs

The monument is a stunning memorial to coral reefs. The water sprays down from above as two scuba divers dive the reefs. Fish and other marine life are all around the divers. Numerous animals can be seen all over the sculpture, up and down. It is illuminated at night, and the nearby fountain changes its hue. Due to the sun setting directly behind the monument, dusk is the ideal time to visit.


3. Sail the Water Off in Cozumel

Unquestionably, this is among the top things to do in Cozumel. Climbing aboard is the best way to see everything the island offers. You can either relax on board, enjoy drinks and snacks, or snorkel the reef and check out the abundant sea life. While snorkeling, you might see some sea turtles, stingrays, and possibly a shark. The waters around Cozumel are safe for swimming and snorkeling and are home to various marine life.


4. Swim and Snorkel at Playa Chen Rio

You won’t want to miss Playa Chen Rio, one of the best beaches in Mexico, found on Cozumel. This beach is appropriate for swimmers and snorkelers of all skill levels due to its protected area and shallow water. As a bonus, Playa Chen Rio is situated on the east coast, which is less crowded than the beaches on the west, making it ideal for those looking to avoid crowds.


5. Day trip to the Mayan Ruins

On Cozumel, did you know there are Mayan ruins? These ruins may not be as substantial or impressive as those in Chichen Itza, but they are nonetheless distinctive in their own right. It is a fantastic day trip and one of the more off-the-beaten-path things to do in Cozumel.

6. Take a trip to Punta Sur Ecological Park.

The best beach on the island is Punta Sur Eco Beach, and visiting this eco-park is undoubtedly among the best things to do in Cozumel. The ideal location for nature lovers, this area is home to exotic birds, crocodiles, sea turtles, gorgeous flowers, and beautiful beaches. However, if you don’t feel like going to the lighthouse or snorkeling the reef, you can relax in a hammock and take in the sunshine.

7. Visit Cozumel Pearl Farm

The only pearl farm still in operation in the Caribbean is on Cozumel. It’s the best-kept secret on the island of Cozumel and is only reachable by boat. However, when it comes to the boat, there is no need to worry cause anytime Cozumel boat rental is open for reservation. This stunning area at the island’s north end is owned and run by a local family and has maintained its pristine condition. Visitors can enjoy the white sand beach, light breezes, turquoise waters, and coral reefs for snorkeling.


8. Visit San Miguel, Cozumel’s capital.

Walking along the wide promenade along the seafront at nightfall is one of the best things to do in San Miguel, situated on the west coast. Every Mexican city and town has a Zocalo, a central park, and San Miguel is no exception. It serves as a gathering spot for locals or a place to sit and people-watch. Visit the Zocalo at around 8:00 p.m. on a Sunday if you’re in Cozumel for various free events.


9. Check out El Mirador

On the east side of the island of Cozumel, 30 minutes from the center, is where you’ll find El Mirador. To get here, hire a moped, rent a car, or hail a cab on your own. It’s a stunning location where the sea has naturally carved an arch in the rocks over time. For breathtaking views, you can ascend to the top. A great place to avoid crowds is here. One of the best things to do in Cozumel if you want to unwind is visit El Mirador.

Creating Memories In Cozumel with Family!

Any itinerary for Mexico will undoubtedly include a trip to Cozumel.  The island is surrounded by stunning scenery. Additionally, Cozumel offers a rich history and culture that you can explore. Include these activities in your itinerary if you plan a trip to Cozumel. The kids and the adults in your family will undoubtedly have a memorable time participating in these activities in Cozumel!

With the best kid-friendly activities, you can create your next trip enjoyable for the family. You’ll have the help you require if you need it with 24/7 customer support. Book your trip now!


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Top Activities to do in Playa del Carmen through covid

Top Activities to do in Playa del Carmen through covid

These couple of years have been weird with covid and covid regulations. Traveling and even just daily life has been affected.  We created this top things to do in Playa del Carmen during Covid keeping in mind the safety and well being of travelling.

super catamaran cancun


  1. Private ATV tour for your group
  2. Private yacht or catamaran rental
  3. Transportation
  4. Cenote  private tour
  5. Dining


1.Private ATV Tour

ATV tour with zip lines  is a great way to get some adrenaline going and adventure trough the jungle of the Riviera Maya.  Hiring a private ATV for your group is an option to keep have contact only with your group as oppose to a lot of other people in the tour.

top activities in Cancun Selvatica

2. Private Boat Rental

Whether a catamaran or a yacht rental in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, is on top of the list.  Enjoying the snorkeling, swimming, tanning and even a bit of partying on board of a boat with your group only can be the thing you are looking for.   Through in a bit of fishing with your boat rental to make it even more interesting for you.


boat rental Playa del Carmen

3. Private Transportation

Private transportation to any location is a great way to get around in the area.  Private tours with private chofer and tour guide that can make an exceptional experience in the Riviera Maya.  With private services from the Cancun airport to Playa del carmena and anywhere in the Riviera Maya.  Give your group a private experience and a reliable and safe journey.

transprotation to boat rental Playa del Carmen

4.  Private tour to the Cenotes

Enjoy the magical caves and open concept cenotes in the area where you can swim and snorkel admiring great rock formations and channels of fresh waters.  Let a private trip give you the flexibility to enjoy one or more cenotes and leave at any time your group wants to go.

top activities in Cancun cenotes

5. Dinning out

Enjoy a great Mexican meal or high end dinner in Playa del Carmen with your group in some of the best restaurants of the area.  Whether a restaurant on the 5th ave or one on the beach front with amazing ocean views.  Playa del Carmen has something for everyone for dinning out.

restaurant playa del carmen

When’s the best time to go to Playa del Carmen?

About Playa del Carmen /When’s the best time to go to Playa del Carmen?

A bit about this place, for everyone who wants to live there, travel there or just want to know a little more about it.

Located on the coast of the Yukatan Peninsula and part of Quintana Roo.  Also located just sound from Cancun and part of the Riviera Maya, Mexico.  Playa del Carmen a little paradise in the Mexican Caribbean and a destination for people from all over the world.

Getting the Ideal Family Vacation in Playa Yachting


How much is rent in Playa del Carmen?

Rent here just like any other place, varies depending on the area where you choose to live and what kind of rental property you want.

There are websites with room for rent options and apartment options.

The rent for a room can vary from 90 USD to 300 USD depending on the area

An apartment or studio can go from 150 USD up to 900 usd

Now if you are talking about villas or home rentals then you are really talking about similar prices probably like in your city.

Is it safe to travel to Playa del Carmen now?

Playa del Carmen keeps being one of the safest destinations around the world.  But like any destination, you have the regular things.  So is playa del Carmen safe?  There are some recommendations on this link to let you know what not to do in Playa del Carmen.

When’s the best time to go to Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen is usually a good place to visit year-round but usually, the best times are December – January, and March to August.  Other people prefer October to November because is fewer people around and prices usually are a bit lower.   So all depends on what you are looking to experience in the area whether the high season with more tourists and more parties or the low season for a bit quieter and relaxing time.

Is it expensive in Playa del Carmen?

Prices in Playa del Carmen change in accordance with the season, also depending on if you are in the tourist area where the prices are much higher.  But even in the tourist area, prices seem to be about the same as a regular city for dinner and food.  You can find cheap authentic Mexican food in the non-tourist area for as low as 3-4 USD and you can find more fine style cuisine restaurants for up to 20-30 USD per dish.

How much are yacht rentals?

Also for boat rentals in Playa del Carmen, the prices vary from boat to boat.  Some been smaller and others more luxurious.  The good thing about this destination is that there is also nonprivate boat tours which allow anyone to have access to the amazing reefs and snorkeling experiences in the area.

catamaran tour cozumel

There is a contrast between the tourist area on prices and living style compared to the local area, so depending on what you are seeking then now you have an idea of that difference here.


Weddings Playa del Carmen

Wedding Playa Del Carmen

The stunning beaches of Playa Del Carmen in Mexico make it a favorite vacation spot for people from all over the world. The water of the Caribbean Sea makes the beach extra-special. Sunny skies make it a perfect place to chill. There are plenty of options to enjoy the beach from lounging around and an-all inclusive resort to a simple store along the beach. There is something for everyone. As you walk in the sand you will see a road running parallel to the beach. This is Quinta Avenida or Fifth Avenue.  Playa Del Carmen filled with shops and restaurants. This pedestrian-only road stretches for block after block. 

One of the major attractions in this area is Coco Bongo; it is a part of a club and show. It’s a unique experience attraction tickets include an open bar and it’s definitely a party. The show goes late into the night if you can stay awake. When you get tired from the entire action just walk out to the beach, lay down on the sand, and listen to the waves. 

wedding playa del carmen

Best hotels for a wedding in Playa Del Carmen

    1. Rosewood Mayakoba
    2. Banyan tree Mayakoba
    3. The Royal + Panama Jack
    4. Wedding on a Yacht

 You have the list of all-inclusive wedding packages for playa Del Carmen

Rosewood Mayakoba

Rosewood Mayakoba is situated on the Riviera Maya. It is known as a newly Reimagined destination for wellness and luxury emergence inside the emerald jungle. This high-end resort in Mexico with spacious suites is located south of Cancun and north of the charming seaside village of Playa Del Carmen. And white sand beaches of Riviera Maya fresh from a total transformation of your 129 suites. Two lavish presidential suites distinctly blend the best of indoor and outdoor living. The price range for this hotel is $790 to $2056. 

Banyan tree Mayakoba

This is an absolutely beautiful hotel in Del Carman. Banyan tree Mayakoba is a spot of close to mythical beauty. This is a beautiful relaxation destination a substation honeymoon location for you and your new spouse. The hotel has beautiful rooms, swimming pool, and world-class dining. The Banyan tree has 123 villas,  from romantic bills and serenity pool villas to family residence and oceanfront in Mayakoba. This beautiful hotel has a price range of $468 to $1404.

The Royal + Panama Jack

The royal and Panama jack are sisters located just across the sidewalk from one another and just footsteps away from the famous 5th Avenue. In Panama Jack, the family-friendly resort has 458 suites set on a beautiful stretch of beach in Cancun’s famous hotel zone. It includes an incredible themed water park, manifold, and one of the few catholic chapels in Cancun. You can enjoy beautiful large space and the room services at your fingerprints. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the seaside from your room window. It is much beautiful and romantic place for a wedding. You have the following facilities in Panama Jack 

  • Master one-bedroom suite ocean view for the new couple
  • The beautiful living room
  • The tropical style furniture setting
  • Plush seating area
  • Ceiling fan controls
  • A double hot tub sits in the corner 
  • Coffee and Nespresso machine
  • Shelf and storage beside your mini-fridge
  • The perfect bathroom for sharing
  • Ice bucket and your outlet
  • Honeymoon (full) breakfast
  • Couples massage
  • Sound system for the ceremony
  • Hairstyle and make up for bridal
  • Professional services of an outside wedding specialist
  • Also, a discount on your services

The Royal 

Royal is also another extremely romantic beautiful resort. The beach bluchers will attend you and to your every need and provide you with facilities for enjoyment. At this five star hotel, you can expect to be treated like royalty and enjoy all-inclusive luxury exclusively for adults. This impeccable resort boasts 513 lovage all sweet accommodation with private balconies terraces and whirlpool tubs. All of the lounges and bars are fully stocked with premium brand liquor. So sit there and enjoy your favorite cocktail.

 Royal services as you enjoy the exquisite cuisine of seven gourmet restaurants. Keep your fitness goals alive at the recently upgraded fully equipped life fitness center. Try a spin class or sweat out with an aerobics class and challenge us with a stop philosophy session. Transcend the everyday and fine balance of spas ooh here ancient discursive rituals holistic therapies in a calming environment will gently lift away all of your worries. With a ton of style stones steam baths and luxurious felons, there is no better place to invigorate your mind and body. 

You can get the following facilities in the royal wedding package

  • Beautiful location for the ceremony
  • Set up with Tiffani chairs
  • Wedding cake
  • Location for a cocktail party 
  • Music sound
  • Makeup and hairstyle for the bridal
  • Wedding coordinator
  • Treating with you as a royal family
  • Royalty food and accommodation
  • Wedding guests, spa discount of 10%

Wedding on board of one of our luxury yachts

Enjoy a unique way of getting marry onboard of one of our luxury private yacht rentals and boat rentals in Playa del Carmen.  A great way to say yes in the middle of the Caribbean ocean.  Just a great way to get your wedding on a yacht in Playa del Carmen and the best way to get married in the Riviera Maya.



Is Playa del Carmen Safe? What not to do in Playa del Carmen

Is Playa del Carmen Safe?

Is Playa del Carmen Safe? you might be asking your self.  In comparison to all of the traveling destinations around the world, Playa del Carmen is pretty safe to travel to.  The regular pickpocket crimes, getting overcharged in some places if you don’t pay attention, and the nightlife scene. With the regular things of what not to do in Playa del Carmen to avoid some those situations and keep safe.

Getting the Ideal Family Vacation in Playa Yachting

If you do not do this thing in Playa del Carmen, it will help you to keep your safety and away from danger

  1. When going out on the streets, always keep your wallet, money, and valuable things in the hotel or on your front pockets.  Where you can constantly feel them while in crowded places.
  2. Do not set anything on tables while, drinking, eating, or relaxing.  Like in any other destination, it’s easy to grab something from the table and make a run for it.
  3. Common thing, that you probably thought about it too, Do not leave things unattended or with someone.
  4. Try to avoid places like strip clubs, since its common to get ripped off on prices and amount of drinks.  If you still want to go.  Just always pay upfront for anything you order to avoid this situation.
  5. Always ask the prices of things before purchasing.
  6. Try book most of your tours online to avoid the hotels to overcharge you while they have you there.  Usually, salespeople at the hotels are really good at increasing the prices of different products since you have nowhere else to go to book any tours.   Keep in mind that most of the resort’s main mission is to keep you in the house, and sell you everything there. Also, the sale points on the streets have their own prices and the possibility of paying to much for tours is very common.  Booking online, not only will protect you from this but also gives you more options on availability for some products like private yacht rentals.
  7. I guess we don’t have to say it since you probably already know,  avoid purchasing or looking for illegal substances!
  8. Ask taxis the price to where you need to be taken before jumping in one, to make sure they don’t overcharge you.  Some times it might better to get a private transportation service

How to Spend Your Day in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen tourism

Playa del Carmen has larger tourism, visiting each year.  As most services like boat rental Playa del Carmen, want you to keep coming back and value our clients.  We strive to give the best possible service, but like in any other tourist destination, you will find companies and salespeople who don’t see the same concept and want to make the most in every sale.   That is why our staff and crew will make you feel like family.

Is the Riviera Maya Safe in general?

The situation in the Riviera is very similar to the situation in Playa del Carmen with the exceptions of some more quiet places than others.  But all of the Riviera Maya is pretty safe,  like mention above a matter of avoiding doing some things will keep you even safer.

Is Cancun safer than playa del carmen ?

Cancun, being a bigger city with more partying, can be a bit more dangerous in some way than Playa del Carmen. Nothing rare on this, since all larger cities seem to have regular crimes than smaller ones.

Is Cancun safe? 

Cancun has been a large destination for spring breakers, looking to party and have fun.  It can lead to more risk of putting your self in danger.  From getting drunk and putting your health, safety, and others in danger in regular activities to getting pickpocket with larger crowded places.

What no to do in Cancun

  1. Try to book transportation from the airport online and in advance if you can, since a lot of taxis will try to overcharge when you arrive.
  2. The already obvious, keep your valuables at the hotel and or front pockets. Purses tight to your body where you can feel if someone is trying to open it or cut the handles.
  3. Do know to leave things unattended or with someone.
  4. Avoid buying or looking for illegal substances.
  5. Always have someone with you that you can trust.
  6. Avoid getting too drunk.
  7. Book your activities online to avoid overcharges.
  8. Again ask taxi drivers their price, so you don’t get overcharged.

How To Spend Your Day in Playa del Carmen

The Riviera Maya is a safe place with all of its destinations like Cancun, Playa del Carmen.  Following what not to do above, you will find your self even safer and relax.  Enjoying your vacation even more.

Find Solitude and Happiness in Boating

Find Solitude and Happiness in Boating

Find Solitude and Happiness. According to the experts, the reasons why people take vacations is to relax and stay away from stress, seeing more of the world, and establishing bonds with family and friends. Science has even confirmed that being on, in or near water, can enhance creativity, promote emotional health, and elevate relaxation, as well as relax your mind and appeal to your senses.

Find Solitude and Happiness in Boating

One better way to do all of those things is to rent a boat with family and friends in Playa del Carmen. Get on board! Finding solitude away from the hustle of the city is one of the best parts of boating. It’s you, your family, friends, boat and an enormous moment of zen.

Let’s find out the reasons why getting on the boat is an excellent place to find solitude and good for the soul.

  1. Boat trips established bonding activities with family and friends. These memories you can make while on a boat with your family is priceless. Imagine watching the sunset with your friends, fishing with your kids, and admiring the marine life. 
  2. Giving your body a day in the sun allows it to soak up a safe amount of Vitamin D. But, ensure that you are wearing sunscreen to avoid sunburn, Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for our body.
  3. According to studies, being near the coastlines can naturally help lower anxiety, leading to a better and more comfortable lifestyle. 
  4. Boating will always allow you to learn something new by learning new boating skills that can be an empowering and enriching experience. 
  5. Boating lets you unplug. Nowadays, we are busy with digital devices that can lead to stress, insomnia, depression- the reasons for being unable to power down. But with boating is it perfect for unplugging, even if it’s just for a few hours.
  6. Pursuing your passion. If you like boating, then go for it. Having a passion or hobby can contribute to your overall happiness.
  7. Boating establishes camaraderie on the water. You will meet other fellow boaters and help one another and offer words of advice.
  8. When you go on boating, you have the chance to widen your range of experiences by trying different water activities like fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, or water skiing.
  9. Boating keeps you balanced. You can’t deny that work or school commitments consumed you a lot, resulting from giving ample time for your family or friends. Boating with your family or friends will help you keep your life in balance between work and fun. 
  10. Boating is an excellent adventure, so don’t waste your time with just binge-watching. Go on sailing and enjoy the beauty of pristine waters and embrace the experience!

Have a Fantastic Boating in Playa!

 Find out how to easily rent or charter a boat to start experiencing everything the water has to offer and enjoy boating with us. To find more details about Playa del Carmen yacht rentals, browse to our page to select your perfect yacht for your holiday! For any clarifications, feel free to reach or message us, and we will be happy to help you find the most suitable boats and yachts for your Playa holiday!





Exotic Time: Sailing Holidays with An Unusual Boat

Exotic Time: Sailing Holidays with An Unusual Boat

Sailing is An Ultimate Adventure

Exotic Time: Sailing Holidays with An Unusual Boat. Sailing brings adventurers to the world’s most beautiful and isolated corners. Sailing in Playa del Carmen will offer you the opportunity to explore unspoiled caves and stunning beaches. Life at sea never stands still. It brings new and unexpected challenges and allows you to experience the exhilaration of roaring waves with our yacht rental services.

Feel salty against your skin as you face a world-class yacht, learn new knowledge as you embark with the helm of historic spots, dive into your passion on an expedition, or sit back and enjoy the cruise. You will surely come and find balance on the water with Playa del Carmen yacht rental services. 

Exotic Time: Sailing Holidays with An Unusual Boat

Yacht Rental Services: What do we offer?

Playa del Carmen yacht rental services offer luxury yacht charters and rental. Our yacht rentals are not only limited to cruise tours, but it is also ideal and more than equipped for hosting private events and holidays. Board our exquisite yachts and relish yourself with the experience of celebrating luxurious events.

We have a range of boats that can be rented here in Playa Del Carmen. There are transportation and yachting services that are readily available for tourists. 

We provide private yacht rentals and luxury yacht rentals to help you soak up the magnificent beauty of this paradise and enjoy your vacation in Playa del Carmen. When deciding on what yacht to rent, choose Playa Yachting, and you can expect a premium quality service. 

Why Love this Adventure?

You will surely expect to love the experience that Playa del Carmen will give to you. Set sail with our yacht rentals in this tropical paradise during your Playa del Carmen yacht rental excursion.

From discovering natural wonders, enjoying a refreshing swim in the Caribbean Sea, strolling along the coast of Playa del Carmen, and enjoying water sports activities, you will have an experience of a lifetime after your Playa del Carmen yacht rental getaway.

Have a Good Sailing Holiday in Playa!

To find more details about Playa del Carmen yacht rentals, browse to our page to select your perfect yacht for your holiday! For any clarifications, feel free to reach or message us, and we will be happy to help you find the most suitable boats and yachts for your Playa holiday!


Why You Should Go Boating?

There are many reasons why you should go boating. One reason is you have the opportunity of seeing the soothing colors of blue and aquamarine water and the colorful underwater marine life.

Here we’re going to focus on the Top 5 reasons to get out and get a Playa Del Carmen boat rental right now and why spending time out on the water is a memorable experience.

Why You Should Go Boating?

1. Family Trip

Few activities bring families together with the way boating does. It is one way of getting rid of digital devices away from the kids and let them enjoy the beauty of the sea. Let them experience some onboard jobs such as handling a line or trimming a sail. Undoubtedly, the kids will learn collaboration and probably a little bit of geography too. While adults will have a chance to strengthen bonds in a fun environment.

2. Saltwater health benefits

Did you know that salty water has a lot of health benefits? Aside from the fun it gives, research has shown that coastal living improves physical health, and that being around water makes us happier and more restful. Ready to dive in? Get out there, go boating, and breathe the cool breeze and enjoy the healthy benefits of saltwater.

3. Exercise

Let’s face it. We all need to get more exercise. And getting that exercise out on a boat in the cool breeze and sunshine is a lot more enjoyable than running on a treadmill. You could also do some watersports activities like Wakesurfing, tubing, wakeboarding – with that you have already been using your muscles, and you’ll have a heck of a lot of fun doing it.

4. Sociability

Boating creates as much fun when family and friends are gathered on board listening to music, enjoying great food, drinks, and, most of all, the laughs. Boating together established sociability, unlike any other. Join the community and cruise on out to the next sailing. Visit our range of boat rentals in Playa Del Carmen for your next sailing adventure with your family.

5. Rent a Boat and Have fun

One of the extraordinary things about boating is that you don’t have to own a boat to do it. There are plenty of places to rent boats by the hour, the half-day, the day or even the week, which means you can try boating and have fun. Start by renting a fishing boat or a yacht. Then, if you are looking for some adventure, move up to renting a ski boat. Boating or sailing gives you endless possibilities and can be tailored to your level of interest.

Have a Fantastic Sailing Holiday in Playa!

Life is just better on the water. Discover all the ways to get on the water and enjoy boating with us. To find more details about Playa del Carmen yacht rentals, browse to our page to select your perfect yacht for your holiday! For any clarifications, feel free to reach or message us, and we will be happy to help you find the most suitable boats and yachts for your Playa holiday!

Level Up Your Next Vacation

Being in a yacht can be one of the highlights of every getaway by water. It brings out n breathtaking views, and you can walk to the scenic trails and be amazed by the coastline view from above. But before taking another trio consider to level up your ultimate vacation in Playa del Carmen boat rental. A successful yacht experience takes a bit of planning to prepare and to make the best of it.

Level Up Your Next Vacation

Preparing for a vacation can sometimes make you feel pressured and quite stressed. Once you have chartered your next yacht getaway, level it up by doing a full briefing for everyone’s safety onboard. Here are some of the dos and don’ts when staying in a yacht rental in Playa Del Carmen.

The Do’s for your Trip

  1. Be on Time. It is a must to make sure you arrive at the designated meeting area on time. You need to follow strict rules and always adhere to the policies on your trip.
  2. Respect the Captain. Interact with the crew, especially the assigned captain onboard. Treat each other with all the respect they deserve. Think of them as your most valued employees; after all, they are responsible for making sure you have a wonderful time onboard.
  3. Be clear with planning. It is a golden rule to have a proper plan or itinerary for your vacation. Layout in advance and let the whole crew know to attain the incredible yacht rental experience in Playa Del Carmen. Preparations in advance would help you so that you can have plan B if problems occur.
  4. Feel Home. Sometimes it is difficult to relax when you’re new to that area or place. But when you are in a yacht, you can feel comforted with so much relaxation, and you will have time to unwind onboard. 

The Don’ts for your Trip

  1. Panic. We cannot determine the future. It is important to remember in times when there will be emergencies; everyone is encouraged to stay calm and don’t panic. Don’t make the situation worse.
  2. Don’t Go Far From the Yacht. When you get off from the yacht to visit some area within the scope of your trip, you must stay relatively close to the boat when out on the water. Don’t go far away and make sure you have excellent communication with the crew.
  3. Invading Private Areas. The people onboard including you, the team and the captain must maintain order and must respect one another, including the secluded areas that only the team are allowed to enter.
  4. Overloading. Make sure that you would choose a yacht that would accommodate the size of your group. Maintain balance and don’t overload the yacht to enjoy the getaway truly.

With all of the things everyone should adhere to while getting on a yacht rental in Playa Del Carmen, it is always advisable to follow and respect everyone to achieve success and make your ultimate vacation much exciting. Level up your next trip on a yacht in Playa del Carmen. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us to help you upon your getaway to get you boat rentals in Playa Del Carmen, enjoying the wondrous place by getting on a yacht. Book now!

Luxury Sunset Sailing

Get out on the water and experience the most beautiful sunset like never before to its fabulous excursions. Unwind after a busy and long day, on a Playa Del Carmen yacht rental. You can sail along the breathtaking coastline of the Caribbean sea and prepare her nightly performances around. Come on board with us right now to experience such a magnificent getaway and enjoy a romantic night and spectacular cruise on a boat rental in Playa Del Carmen

Luxury Sunset Sailing

Experience sunset with style aboard with luxury sailing tours in Playa del Carmen. Sailing tours allow you to enjoy the nightlife of the city. You can watch with your loved ones and friends the descending sun and make a splash into the water. Luxury sailing tours provide dazzling scenes day in paradise. Check out what we offer and contact us to have a guaranteed experience in a beautiful and fantastic city!

Sailing Tour Highlights

The winds around the area aren’t that strong. You can expect a smooth and calm sail as you watch one of the famous sunsets on a yacht rental in Playa Del Carmen. What are the highlights of this exciting adventure?

  • Private Sunset Sailing in Playa del Carmen
  • Enjoy the Open Bar at Night
  • Refreshing Soft Drinks, Beer and Delicious Snacks!
  • Romantic Dinner for couples
  • Avoid the scorching heat of the day 
  • Excursions

luxury sunset sailing

Take the best sunset cruise 

If you are looking for some relaxing cruise, Playa del Carmen is the best place to cruise. With us, we can take you to the most amazing sights in the city. There are plenty of activities that we needed to do or work Sunset sailing in Playa Del Carmen, and we will make every worry wash away with the sound of the waves.

What to Expect?

What you can expect when you get in Playa del Carmen, you won’t regret the experience, and you would genuinely love the place, especially by taking sunset sailing with us. Sunset cruises would make every family, couples, friends or individuals create memories that would be remembered by everyone.

If you are planning to take a sunset cruise in Playa del Carmen, let us know

Are you planning to have a private sunset sailing through a Playa Del Carmen boat rental? Book with us today and experience a sunset in style aboard! Hop aboard with our private yachts for the Sunset sailing in Playa del Carmen, and you’ll experience an evening like never before.