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Reasons Why You Should Rent For That Ultimate Cruise

Are you planning for that ultimate getaway? There are several holiday choices that choosing the best one becomes difficult. If it’s the summer or sunny season, the ideal destination would be on the beach. But why not take your vacation on a whole new level? Ever consider renting a boat for your trip? Reasons Why You Should Rent For That Ultimate Cruise

Why rent a boat?

Unlike other holiday getaways, booking with Playa Del Carmen Boat Rental can give you that exclusive, fun-filled day in the sea. This trip is open for both small and large groups with the option of getting a shared or private package. Guests can request and customize their trip according to their preference — whether they want parties on the boat, swim with turtles, or simply relax in the sunset with their favourite cocktail drink. 

Playa Yachting Yachts and Boats

Different boat types

At Playa Del Carmen Boat Rental, they have an extensive list of boat options for that varying needs of your celebration. 

  • Luxury Catamaran. It’s a 36-foot boat for optimal sailing experience for groups of 15 people max.
  • Four Winns Yacht. This is a 38-foot luxury boat that can cater to smaller groups and intimate gatherings.
  • Sea Ray Consentida Yacht. It’s a 42-foot boat which is a popular boat choice for sportfishing.
  • Azimut Luxury Yacht. This 48-foot boat can accommodate up to 23 guests and is ideal for snorkelling and swimming activities.
  • Piratas Yacht. It’s a 58-foot luxury boat that can carry up to 46 people and is equipped with an excellent sound system. It’s the perfect boat choice for parties and karaoke.
  • Viva la Vida. This 80-foot yacht has the most number of guests it can carry, and it’s mostly booked for big occasions such as weddings and reunions.

Activities for an all-out fun

Now that there is an overview of what boat types guests get to choose, here are the different activities they can enjoy once booking a trip at Playa Del Carmen Boat Rental:

Booze cruise

Enjoy all afternoon and night of booze and partying with amazing beats from guest DJs.


Catch a deep-sea fishing trip and get a chance of eating fresh ceviche on board.

Reasons Why You Should Rent For That Ultimate Cruise


Get a glimpse of the life under the sea as Playa Del Carmen Boat Rental has all the equipment for a quality snorkelling experience.

Sunset cruise 

Bask in the glorious moment of a sunset as you take a sip of your favourite drink.

Dinner or luxury cruise

What better way to end a trip but with a romantic dinner at a luxurious boat with the person most special to you.

What to do now

rIf you have figured out what kind of a yacht rental playa del carmen you want for the holidays, then there is no need to wait. Contact the fantastic team at Playa Del Carmen Boat Rental and get ready for the most memorable sailing experience of your life.