Corporate Playa del Carmen Yachting and Catamaran 

Looking for the perfect team building corporate  outing, client or staff appreciation event? Reserve a luxury yacht with us and choose from a number of unique customizable experience packages to fit your needs. We’ve got years of expertise with corporate yachting events. We’ll tailor your sailing occasion to the requirements of your group. A corporate yacht sailing team building occasion or day is a very unique team building activity for businesses. Learning how to sail can be a powerful bonding experience to help develop continuing bonds and teamwork.A successful team building activity enhances your team’s communicating and performance. There is no better experience in Playa del Carmen to build teamwork than learning to sail with us day. We give each guest a chance to experience every facet of sailing a boat.

The first game your team will participate in is Sail Raising: Our crew will show them the procedure and team members will then choose the roles that best use their skills to execute the Sail Raising.  The next game is 3 knots: In this game 3 knots are taught privately to a few members of each team.

Then they must go back to their team to instruct each other on how to do each knot. Team members can only verbally teach each knot to other members of their team, they are NOT allowed to touch the lines or knots. The teams are required to tie the knots that are called off at the Captain’s buzzer. The teams compete for points and to be the first team to have all the knots tied correctly. Note that knots that are incorrectly tied will have no points.

The last game is called “boat parts”: as the day progresses the yachting crew will teach parts of the boat by their official nautical name. Once this game starts the teams get spread out strategically on the boat.  When the tour guide or captain calls out a boat part, the team that has one of their members touch one of the parts that is called out first gets a point for their team.

This Playa Yachting outing ends with a tallying of points and some fun awards.

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