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Weddings in Playa Del Carmen

Weddings in Playa Del Carmen

Weddings in Playa Del Carmen, from This Day Forward… They’ll Live Happily Ever After.

 where Two hearts become one. 👩‍❤‍👨


Marriage is the intimate union and equal partnership between a man and a woman. Which is a cultural and religious tradition from many generations.

A wedding is a ceremony and associated rituals by which two people vow to spend their lives together in marriage. It has three purposes, each with its own price tag.  Only one of the purposes is so valuable that it should not be ignored, making it special for both you!

One purpose of a wedding is to celebrate the marriage. Another purpose is the showcasing of the bride. It’s her day. Lastly, it’s the third purpose of a wedding that is the most valuable of the three. It’s to provide a ceremony of spoken promises.



In Playa del Carmen any type of wedding can take place:

A civil wedding which is recognized all over the world legally, there is legal preparation and planning that needs to take place and needs to be processed with time at the “registo civil”.

Catholic wedding where you need the approval of your parish, priest or deacon and have all the legal documentation necessary to be able to get married in a Catholic church.

Mayan ceremony, great to renew your vow or want to have an ancient historical celebration and enjoy the scenery of the white sand and turquoise color water of the ocean.

Cosmetic Wedding which is a wedding done by a healer who has a ritual to clean the site first where the wedding will take place.

Symbolic Wedding which is a great way to renew your vow or if you already got married legal and want to relieve the ceremony in the Riviera Maya.


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You can have a wedding on the beach, church or at your hotel in the Riviera Maya.  Choose from different independent wedding planners or hired someone at the same hotel where you are staying at  OR…

Yacht and Catamaran Wedding Ceremony

Make your unforgettable wedding in a luxury dream yacht or catamaran in Playa del Carmen.  It is fun, special, unique, lovely and memorable. Wedding charters are a novel, romantic and exciting way to exchange vows in the presence of loved ones.  Especially in the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen.  Where the scenery allows for amazing memories to last a lifetime. Tying the knot on a cruise gives you so many options, including limitless venue choices, or even a moving venue.  Imagine as you say “YES” to be facing the amazing view of the Mexican Tulum Ruins.

Not only Magical for you and your significant other.  Also, your guests will love a Yachting experience or a Cocktail party on board of a Luxury Yacht or Catamaran

Be different, Unique and take your celebration to a new experience. Pop open a champagne bottle with a great a menu selection of food for your group and you.

Come and celebrate with us.  Contact us for more details

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