Reasons Why You Should Choose Playa Yachting

We promise to create such an invigorating experience you will want you to come back and recommend us to your friends and family. We truly love our job and have learned over the years how to create the best possible experience for each individual. It’s important to our team to make sure you and your group are having a great time. Listed below are 4 promises that we will commit to fulfilling to you as a customer.


At Playa Yachting, we stay true to our word. The descriptions on our website and in our promotion material are exactly what you will expect. Our yachts, tour durations, the destinations, food and drinks match the experience you will have when you embark on a tour with us.

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Maintaining professionalism is extremely important to us and is part of creating the best experience for you. We are committed to making sure you receive excellent customer service. Our main goal is to provide a memorable experience so you will want to return and tour with us again. We aim to provide a very friendly and high quality tour.


To offer you the best experience, we will work with your budget. Whether you choose our standard or our VIP tours, you will see that the price per person is very reasonable if you compare it to a group going out for a night on the town with dinner and drinks.

Snorkeling Playa del Carmen Playa Yachting


If you are looking for the perfect customized yacht tour experience, then we have you covered. We offer you a personal tour guide, premium alcohol, exclusive beaches and locations only accesable by boat. Contact us by clicking here and allow us to provide you with the best VIP service.

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How to Prepare for a Yacht Tour

Yacht Tour in Playa del Carmen

Many people are unaware of how to prepare for a yacht tour and it’s completely normal! Whether you’ve taken many yacht tours or it’s going to be your first, each tour can be very different. It’s important to know how to prepare because there are important details that can greatly affect your experience. Listed below are a few helpful details on how to prepare for your future yacht tour with Playa Yachting. If you’ve already begun planning your trip, check out Planning your Playa Del Carmen Vacation for more details about the area.


Life in the Caribbean is laid back – and that’s part of the pleasure. The idea is to relax and not let inconveniences upset you. Your luggage may not arrive on the same shuttle flight because of weight considerations on the aircraft. The best way to avoid this situation is to bring carry on luggage only. If you arrive earlier than your charter and are staying at a hotel, remember not to try to board earlier than planned. The crew is often busy getting things ready for you and may not want you to see the yacht in it’s pre-charter state!


Space is limited on a boat, so bring small bags which the crew can stow easily. T-shirts and shorts are a great choice for when you’re not in swimwear and wear comfortable shoes for trips ashore. If plan to go to an elegant dinner spot in the evening, a button down shirt and khakis for the men and a sundress for the women is appropriate. Bring more than one bathing suit, as you’re likely to spend more time in them than anything else!


yacht party Playa Yachting Playa del CarmenEvery yacht is fit to meet your needs and ensure the most enjoyable experience possible. Our experienced staff is always on hand to ensure you step foot back on shore fully recharged and refreshed. Whether you play in the water, lounge on board, or enjoy a fresh meal, a tour with Playa Yachting is the perfect way to relax during your vacation. Most yachts have USB hook-ups, so definitely bring along your favorite music. WIFI is usually available so you will not be completely out of touch with the world if you want to bring your laptop or tablet.

Planning your Playa Del Carmen Vacation

Playa Del Carmen Vacation

Planning your Playa Del Carmen vacation in the Caribbean doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the large abundance of exciting activities, you and guests will be sure to plan the perfect vacation! Read on for helpful information on hotels, restaurants, and other locations beyond Playa. Interested in snorkeling? Click the link here, Snorkeling Destinations, or check out Everything Playa Del Carmen for more information.


For many, Playa Del Carmen is a place to relax or a destination to be around clubs with world class entertainment and parties. The location you choose to stay could affect your experience. Airbnb condo rentals can make for a unique place to stay and a great way to save money. Condo rentals are ideal for those that want to be close to the party action. In fact, many condos are right next to the clubs.

Not interested in the club scene? Playa Del Carmen also offers various hotels, condos, and resorts that will meet everyone’s budget. You cannot go wrong staying anywhere in this area as all options are excellent and well recommended. The only drawback is the price since some areas are costly.


While planning your Playa Del Carmen vacation, planning locations to eat at should be one of your top priorities. From budget friendly to high-end restaurants, you will be sure to find locations that really care about the quality of their food. Many of the restaurants in this area offer seafood dishes and traditional Mexican cuisine. Looking for a sweet treat? Stop by Shoe Box Bakery or Choux Choux Cafe for a delicious experience you won’t forget.


If you’re looking to explore the area, there are a great deal of locations to check out. One location, in particular, is Chichen Itza. This is the most popular Mayan ruin in the Yucatan Peninsula and is known around the world. The price of entry here is the highest but there are other more affordable ruins in the area to explore. After you take a tour to one of these historical sites, you can end the day at one of the many beautiful sandy beaches.

Snorkeling Destinations With Playa Yachting

Snorkeling in Playa Del Carmen

Do you want to make your experience even more enjoyable? Playa Yachting offers you the chance to take a swim with the areas vast sea life and create unforgettable memories with your family and friends. Guided by a PADI (professional associations of diving instructors) certified snorkeling guides, you and your group can spend anywhere from 2 to 8 hours on these tours.


Tropical fish and coral reefs abound, brilliant colors are amplified by the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.  These snorkeling tours are either done by boat or from shore where you will find many hidden coves in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, as well as the world’s second longest barrier reef, lying just 2 minutes offshore by boat.  Snorkeling in Playa del Carmen is a great experience!


This tour takes you to In-Ha reef where the tranquil water offers you the perfect spot to snorkel with turtles and tropical fish. Your onboard bartender will serve snacks, beer, wine, bottled water, and other refreshments or cocktails.
While you relax and enjoy your drink of choice, our staff prepares a delicious meal of your choosing. You will be sure to return home feeling at ease after a day at La Bocana.


While snorkeling in Cozumel, you will see the most magnificent underwater sights available in the area. You will be sure to see sea turtles and other colorful exotic sea life! In order to experience the best reefs, plan for more than 2 hours for this trip because it takes more than 30 minutes to get to the best reefs. All of our boats are certified and have Marine Park Passes, so we’re able to take you where most all other Cozumel snorkel tours can not.


Visit Everything Playa Del Carmen for more information on these locations.


Bachelor Yacht Party Playa del Carmen

Bachelor Yacht Party Playa del Carmen

Looking to see what to do on your bachelor party why not have a Bachelor Yacht Party Playa del Carmen with all you can drink on quality liquor either with a regular open bar of Absolute, Captain Morgan or a premium open bar of Grey Goose, Don Julio and more.  Top it up with a great meal and a bottle of champagne to complete the celebration.

Check out our yachts to choose from at and jump on a luxury yacht rental Playa del Carmen.  Whether a relaxing time on the ocean, sports fishing, drinking and partying or just a great snorkeling time with the fauna of the second biggest reef in the world.   You can’t go wrong with this option!


Bachelorette Yacht Party Playa del Carmen

Bachelorette Yacht Party Playa del Carmen

What better way to celebrate a bachelorette party in the Riviera Maya then on board of a beautiful yacht or catamaran. Bachelorette Yacht Party Playa del Carmen a way to complete your last fling before the ring with a touch of style.

Some of the greatest memories of the Bachelorette groups in Playa del Carmen are on board of a yacht or catamaran whether playing games, swimming, drinking or just tanning. You can’t go wrong with a private yacht party.

Bachelorette Yacht Party Playa del Carmen

Bachelorette Yacht Party Playa del CarmenBachelorette Yacht Party Playa del Carmen







To view the different Luxury Yachts and Catamaran in Playa del Carmen visit our site Playa Yachting

Bring games, listen to music, drink, party, swim, tan or just relax on one of our beautiful selections.  There is also a few of our popular options that come with karaoke to make even a more fun experience for your group so pop open a bottle of champagne and join us at


For other Bachelorette activities and ideas check out Playa del Carmen Bachelorette


Playa del Carmen Luxury Yacht and Boat Rentals

Playa del Carmen 4 Most Luxurious Yacht and Boat Rentals

With lots of sail boats, regular boats and yachts in the  Playa del Carmen area is hard to find the best ones. There is only a small percentage of luxury boats compared to Cancun and other areas.  Boating and Yachting is one of the best things to do in Playa del Carmen and its always nice to have insider knowledge of the top level yachts in the area. We have put together a list of the 4 most Playa del Carmen Luxury Yacht and Boat Rentals.

Luxury Charter Rentals Playa del Carmen

1 – Azimut Italian line with great interior and exterior by far the fastest yacht in the area.  This yacht is great for long and short yacht tours to Cozumel, Tulum and around Playa del Carmen. It’s a 47′ yacht fully equipted, including a great karaoke system to blast on the Mexican Caribbean ocean.   You can’t go wrong with this spacious yacht for up to 22 people and all the necessary for a great private party.

Great cabin space and a great selection of cocktails to really enjoy the Riviera Maya. 

Yacht tours Playa del CarmenYacht Tours Playa del Carmen Yacht Tours Playa del Carmen Yacht Tours Playa del Carmen














2 –  A Sexy Catamaran for up to 15 passengers, with nets to lay on and a luxury cabin area.  A great option for small groups for Catamaran Rentals Playa del Carmen.  It is basically a yacht inside a sailboat. This catamaran has great food options and open bars.   Great food and service puts this catamaran on our list of most luxurious boats here.  Not to mention that it has a very affordable price to sail away on the waters of the Riviera Maya

Catamaran Tours Playa del Carmen Catamaran Tours Playa del Carmen Catamaran Tours Playa del CarmenCatamaran Tours Playa del Carmen












3- A Great 38′ sea Ray Yacht with space for up to 20 people max.   Spacious areas for a great tanning session on board. With a second deck on the top with a table to sit next to the captain as you see the horizon of the Caribbean in front of you. Just another beautiful option for a Yacht Tour in Playa del Carmen

Yacht Tours Playa del CarmenYacht Tours Playa del CarmenYacht Tours Playa del Carmen













4- One of the biggest Sail boats / Catamaran in Playa del Carmen with a length of 27 mts. With a french built of fiberglass and 2 engines to pull this amazing large catamaran.  Making Sail Tours Playa del Carmen, to Tulum and available for any private charter in Playa del Carmen.

Catamaran Tours Playa del CarmenLuxury Catamaran Playa del Carmen Catamaran Tours Playa del Carmen







You can find all of this selection of Luxury Catamaran and Yachts for Private Charter Rental Playa del Carmen in Playa Yachting or by Contacting Us.

Tips on Yacht & Catamaran Rentals | Playa del Carmen

When renting a yacht and or catamaran in the Riviera Maya, there tips that can help you make your boating experience a great one! There are things to keep in mind and certain things to avoid.

  1. Service on board of the boats — with different options and different companies offering yacht and sailboat rentals service is monumental to have the perfect yachting experience. Service is not only important when reserving your yacht, boat or catamaran but even more important on board.  We understand what great service looks like from beginning to end and understand how it can set the tone for your tour. That is why we hand-pick the best yachts and catamarans with service driven crews to offer an amazing experience.
  2. Getting a different boat than what was promised–  As you are getting ready to rent your yacht or catamaran overseas you want to make sure that the boat you are paying for is the one you are getting. Always check to make sure the photos sent are the ones of the boat you will get. You can simply ask for the model and other specs of the boat or yacht. Also, asking to submit a deposit instead of the full amount can give you some leverage as well to make sure you get what you reserve when you show up.
  3. Maintenance, well kept and clean boats —  Even though there are incidents that we can’t control like a break down of a boat that may happen from time to time. Just like a limo may break down. Unfortunately, for this one it is a bit harder to prevent you can make an educated decision by doing your research on the yacht company. A good website and reputation can be an indication of a company being professional or more of a unorganized operation. The professionalism behind the reservation process and their customer service can also be a big indicator to avoid these incidents.
  4. Cancelation policy of your boat rental — Make sure that if weather is bad and port gets shut down will you get your money back or at least be able to reschedule. It should be a common practice for yachting and boat businesses to inform clients of their cancellation/weather policy so make sure you are aware of that prior to reserving.

Next time you are renting a yacht and or Catamaran in Playa del Carmen keep in mind these tips to ease the process of your experience and enjoy a great vacation!


Fishing Boats in Playa del Carmen

The Riviera Maya has a lot of different options to rent fishing boats in Playa del Carmen. Whether for  deep sea fishing or just sport fishing tour there are plenty of options. Fishing in Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya is quite the adventure for fishing fans.  There are many different fishing tournaments and other opportunities to go out and experience a full fishing experience.


Playa del Carmen started as a local fishermen’s town. Since then it has had tremendous growth including in the fishing industry.  Although, it has grown a lot there are still a few local restaurants who do their own fishing like “El Pirata” . They have fresh dishes daily and a plenty of room for reservations or walk-ins. It is a great place for delicious seafood at great prices.

Fishing Boats with Playa Yachting in Playa del Carmen & Mayan Riviera

Whether going on your own private fishing tour on a luxury yacht or small boat there are plenty of fishing boats Playa del Carmen. Take advantage of the different seasons of the year for a wide variety of fishes. The different types of fishes include the fast Marlin, the tasty Dorado that can be cooked at a nearby restaurant on the beach or chopped into small pieces for an amazing fresh ceviche.

Fishing Calendar Playa del Carmen Mayan Riviera

This area also has a lot of different fishing events throughout the year. The fishing events happen from Cancun, to Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Isla mujeres and cozumel. Below is a table detailing the numerous fishing tournaments.   


Pesca Vertical Pioneros 2013 Deep Jigging25 – 26 de EneroPlaya del Carmen
“Fundadores” Puerto Aventuras 2013

“Jacinto Aguilar Quiam

12, 13, 14 de AbrilMarina Puerto


Chuk – Kay19, 20, 21 de AbrilTulum
Cancun Internacional26, 27, 28 de AbrilCancún
Cesar Martín Rosado3, 4, 5 de MayoPuerto Morelos
Rodeo de Lanchas Mexicanas10, 11, 12 de MayoCozumel
Cosme Alberto Martínez Magaña  17, 18, 19 de  MayoIsla Mujeres
Profr. Augusto R. Sosa Centeno30, 31 Mayo al 01

de Junio

Playa del Carmen
Barracuda Not confirmedIsla Mujeres
Torneo del Carmen13 de JulioPlaya del Carmen
Alicia Ricalde Magaña

Regresa este Torneo a su fecha tradicional

17 y 18 de AgostoIsla Mujeres
Pesca Vertical Pioneros 2013

Deep Jigging

22, 23 de


Playa del Carmen


There is something from every fishing aficionado in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. It is a great city for a wonderful yachting and boating experience out in the deep turquoise sea.  


Playa del Carmen Fishing tournament


Yacht Charter Tour Playa Del Carmen

Yacht Charter Tour Playa Del Carmen

Yacht Charter Tour Playa Del Carmen – Our Azimut luxury yacht is always ready for  you!

Are you ready to enjoy the Rivera Maya like it was meant to be?

A Yacht Charter Tour is the way!

The experiences range from Private Luxury Yachts & Catamarans to non-private boat/catamaran tours. Our boat tours venture to Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Tulum and many other beautiful places in Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya.

If you are looking to celebrate any special occasion from a Bachelorette or Bachelor party, a birthday celebration, family or corporate outings, or if you just want to enjoy out at sea snorkeling, then we have the perfect vacation experience for you. Most of our packages include an open bar, food buffet, snorkeling gear, Karaoke and plenty of fun!  So, enjoy a full meal, with open bar, swimming, snorkeling, music, fishing and even karaoke in some of our boats.

Get your quick inquiry Today! 

For those of you looking for a bit more of a party, we do have a booze cruise that provides a high energy social experience to party at sea with new and old friends.

We look forward to hosting you on your yachting adventure soon!!

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