Be a part of our philanthropic project to help the communities in the outskirts of playa del carmen. We are a team who comes from humble beginnings who is now looking to give back and empower the people of Playa del Carmen. We see the value in the help we got as we grew up and we aim to contribute to the community, economy and the education growth of our local community.

There is a big social and economic gap that exist just a few blocks from the tourist’ area of Playa del Carmen which we aim to bridge.  Quinta Avenida and the resorts accommodate many tourists and create a very healthy economy for the area. Given the city’s high influx of tourism we ask ourselves:  Why is it that just a few blocks from the highway there are so many people living in shags and cardboard houses?  Why are there people picking up cans in order to eat?  And, why is there a need for a “COMEDOR” (a place where locals living in extreme poverty go and eat)?

Our goal is to be a socially responsible organization that honors our local community and seeks to develop it.   Through this project we hope to help and give back to the community. We would also like to provide our local communities with a education and awareness of the opportunities to create a better life. Working together with “Donaton Playense” we hope not only to take donations and donate ourselves from our personal business projects but to put together a volunteer program that give people tools to thrive in a region where there are so many opportunities in the tourism sector. All while keeping a “give back” attitude and being conscious of our precious environment.

In the past we have started English teaching volunteer programs the youth in these communities love it. So, we hope we can create a self-sustaining educational program to help these kids have a better future. We wish to support and follow in “El Donaton Playense’s” footsteps who has already a structured self-sufficient programs such as hand-hammock making for locals to sell, a shelter and a place for locals to eat for free. Our goal is to put in place an English teaching program, computer skills and other education programs for the local youth.


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